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Every year, around 3 billion disposable nappies are thrown away in the UK. Be part of the solution by signing up for this free recycling trial in Bristol. Instead of 500 years in landfill, we’ll turn your nappies into useful items.

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We’re on a mission to recycle 1 million nappies* in our Bristol trial

Our mission

nappies saved from landfill

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How It Works...

We’re running a nappy recycling trial in Bristol from April 2024 for 12 months.
Home collections of your used nappies will be made fortnightly by our partner Green Bottoms.
It’s completely FREE, all you have to do is give us your nappies.

Sign up through the form below.

We’ll contact you to confirm if the programme is running in your area and explain the details.

We’ll send you nappy-specific recycling bags in the mail.

Put out your nappy recycling bags to be picked up fortnightly by our partner Green Bottoms.

Your used nappies will be recycled into useful items like roads!

We’ll contact you to provide feedback.

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  • “I dont think it could be improved, it has been great.”

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A month’s supply of Pura nappies. One lucky winner drawn every month!

Register your interest in free nappy recycling and you can also enter into our competition. Lucky winners will be able to select the correct size Pura nappies for their babies for a whole month. Designed to put babies and the planet first, Pura nappies are made with less plastic and no nasties. And by simply putting them out for recycling, you can ensure they avoid ending up in landfill.

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From poop to progress

Every year, around 3 billion disposable nappies are thrown away in the UK. Once in landfill, nappies last for more than 500 years — making a mess for the planet and long outliving the babies they were used on. But there is a solution...

NappiCycle has been recycling nappies in Wales for more than a decade. We joined forces with them in 2021. Together, Pura NappiCycle keeps 40 million nappies* out of landfill annually. Dirty nappies are repurposed for all sorts of useful items such as material for paving more durable roads!

We want all UK parents to have access to free nappy recycling. But to make this happen, we need to convince local and central government.

Bringing nappy recycling to England

Our original Bristol nappy recycling trial in June 2022 was the first of its kind in England. During the six month trial, we saved 31,500 used nappies from landfill, but to convince the public and government of the benefits, we have go further...

For our second trial, which will also be run in the Bristol area, we’re aiming to recycle 1 million nappies* over 12 months.

nappies in first trial
goal for nappies in second trial
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Meet Our Partners

More than a decade ago, Wales based NappiCycle pioneered a unique process allowing them to recover the valuable material from used nappies in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way. Rather than being discarded as waste, the recovered materials are used in innovative ways, like creating eco-friendly noticeboards and signage for schools and businesses.

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Providing innovative waste collection and nappy
delivery services for the Early Years sector since 2009, Green Bottoms help many of the UK's best nursery businesses to improve their environmental impact
and procurement process. We’re proud to be partnering with Green Bottoms for
the collections from your homes during the trial.

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Asda is supporting our nappy recycling trial with an awareness drive. In 2023, Asda joined forces with Pura NappiCycle to help to tackle the issue of plastic waste in stores. The UK’s first in-store signage using recycled nappies was created and used on shelving selling Pura products in 320 Asda stores, replacing plastic shelving. The equivalent of around 7,220 used nappies were recycled to make the signage, approximately seven nappies per sign.

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Do you only recycle Pura nappies?

No! Pura nappies are made more sustainably, so they’re a good choice if you’re trying to be a greener parent. Ultimately, we don’t want any nappies going to landfill, so the nappy recycling process is not limited to Pura nappies only. You can throw in nappies from any brand, and we’ll recycle them.

Can you recycle baby wipes?

Yes! We can recycle your wipes and other absorbent hygiene waste (see list below).

I have more than one child in nappies. Is there a cap on the number of nappies I can send for recycling?

No. You can put all of your nappies out for the fortnightly collection.

Do you recycle nappy pants?

Yes. You can send all sizes of nappies and nappy pants for recycling.

Can my nappies be sent for recycling in nappy bags?

Yes, they can. The nappy bags will be recycled along with the nappies.

What other absorbent hygiene products will you recycle?

Nappies, wipes, nappy bags, breast pads, maternity pads, period products (tampons and pads) and incontinence products

Are you carbon offsetting the collection miles?

Yes, as in the first trial, we will carbon offset all collection miles.

What happens when the trial is over?

The findings of the trial will be used to inform conversations with DEFRA and local authorities throughout the UK about the feasibility and benefits of nappy recycling. Costs and carbon impact will be among the outcomes monitored.

Why is the trial only happening in Bristol?

Bristol was chosen for the trial due to Bristol Council’s progressive approach to household waste management and its proximity to the NappiCycle plant. Allowing us to test the service with the smallest possible carbon footprint.

Got a question we haven’t answered here?
Email us at bristolrecycling@mypura.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Our Story

Born to take on the big guys!

Pura didn’t start in a boardroom. It was born in the Cheshire home of Guy and Abi Fennell. Created by parents, for parents, Pura was founded to challenge big companies and make clean, safe and eco-friendly products affordable for all. And wow, is it growing up fast!

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