We weren’t bornin a boardroom

We’re a small business with big plans. The competition must be quaking in their booties.

It all began in Cheshire…

More and more of our friends were starting families and we noticed the staggering amount of baby wipes around their homes – the kitchen, the lounge, even the dog basket!

Looking into it, we discovered that 90% of the wipes in the UK contain plastic! Combined with disposable nappies that can take 500 years to decompose, it made us realise… we’re damaging our children’s world with the very essentials we’re using to look after them.

And so, Pura was born.

Affordable, eco-friendly baby products that help people to take care of the planet, just by taking care of their family.

Now we’re parents ourselves – to Ezra, born in 2020, and Enzo who made us a family of four in 2023. And we’re working to leave a legacy for them and children everywhere, by changing the way we all look after their planet.

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“This is not our world. It’s our children’s. Yet we’re damaging it with the very essentials we’re using to look after them.“
Guy, Abi, Ezra & Enzo

Come and change the world with us.

Fancy a different kind of change? Why not come and work with us? We’re just like a family. A plastic-wipe pounding, fatberg-fighting, pollution-punishing family.

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