4 fun things to do this weekend - for an eggstra special eco Easter

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Spring is in the air and most of us are set to enjoy a long weekend. If you’re staying at home and looking for ways to entertain the kids that don’t cost the earth – we have you covered.

 Kids big and small enjoy Easter festivities yet it can be a time of the year when we create a lot of waste. However with a bit of thought it can be easy to switch to eco-friendly decorations and activities this Easter.

 #1 Easter Egg hunt

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without an egg hunt. Having one at home can involve buying lots of decorations, and plastic eggs to hide treasures inside. Alternatively, you could make a day out of it and look for an organised egg hunt in your area. Check out The National Trust’s website where you can find Easter Egg hunt trails for as little as £3, plus many are pram friendly and you get to hunt in the great outdoors, in beautiful surroundings.

 #2 Eco Easter bonnet

The tradition of wearing Easter bonnets dates back centuries and is believed to have originated from European springtime festivals that celebrated new life. Remember Easter bonnet parades at school, where you got to craft your own bonnet and show it off to others? If you want to make an Easter bonnet with your little one, they are plenty of ways to create a beautiful bonnet without the waste.

Start by hunting around the house to see what you can give a new life to. Cardboard tubes, scrap material such as old scarves and items from the garden can all be employed to make the prettiest decorations. As for the bonnet itself, old hats, baskets, even empty ice cream containers can be used. Hand-draw and stick eggs, chicks and cute little bunnies on your bonnet.  Your hat can always double up as a basket for egg hunts too.

#3 Paint an egg

Make sure you buy free range eggs for your crafting and ensure the shells are composted after use. Eggshells can be added to your home compost bin or can be crushed up and sprinkled on your garden for fertiliser.

 Colour your eggs using non-artificial dyes, using kitchen ingredients. Look for any fruits and veg you have with strong colours such as beetroot, spinach, blueberries or raspberries. Simmer in a saucepan with water for about an hour, drain the water into a bowl for your dye. You can use the fruit or veg in a delicious smoothie afterwards to avoid food waste. Alternatively, look for natural dyes and non-toxic colour paints at the craft store, plus eco-friendly glue if you want to stick further adornments on your eggs.

 #4 Chocolate Easter nests

Homemade Easter nests are a good alternative to Easter Eggs or a way to use up unwanted eggs. They’re also super easy to make with young children. Use cornflakes, rice puffs, shredded wheat – whatever you have in – and some Fair Trade chocolate. Melt your chocolate and mix in with the cereal. Portion into reusable cupcake cases and top with mini eggs for an eggcellent extra treat. Then all you need to do is pop them into the fridge to set – if you can wait…

Happy Easter - we hope you have a cracking time!

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