We demanda change!

We believe ‘eco-friendly’ products should be available for all. And we’re not alone.

We’re partnering with like-minded organisations to drive change

We’re changing the nappy cycle

Every day, 8 million disposable nappies are thrown away in the UK – each one taking up to 500 years to biodegrade. It’s a cycle that that needs to stop.

That’s why we’re the only nappy brand to partner with NappiCycle, the complete nappy recycling service. Together, we’re working to keep nappies out of landfill and turn them into everything from housing materials, to notice boards for schools and nurseries.

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Thank you NHS

Babies aren’t (normally) born without the help of dedicated midwives and medical staff.

As a thank you for the amazing work they do with families, and in general, we are offering all NHS staff the chance to try Pura’s eco-awesome products at special rates. All NHS staff can buy the discounted Pura range via the NHS Staff Benefits website.

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In trees we trust

Trees are not only the lungs of the planet, they’re also what our biodegradable wipes are made of (sustainably sourced ones, naturally). As such, we’re proud to work in partnership with the Woodland Trust.

Together, we’re planting, protecting and restoring trees across the UK, as well as offering free tree dedications to Pura babies. So, simply by choosing Pura, you and your little one will be protecting British woodlands too.

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B means better business

Pura has officially been recognised as a force for good by B Corp! What exactly does this mean? In a nutshell, B Corps are companies that put people and planet before profit, just like Pura. All start-ups spend 12 months in Pending status, so we’ve a little while to go before we get full certification. When we do, we’ll join a likeminded community of global thought leaders including household names such as and Ben and Jerrys (#proud)! We’ll keep you posted on our progress. Watch us grow into a company the uses the power of business to build a better world.


Eco for all

Pura’s affordable range is all about democratising eco – giving every parent the chance to use sustainable baby products, regardless of their budget.

We’re gifting plastic-free wipes to the NSPCC to be handed out to vulnerable families at NSPCC centres throughout the UK. We’ll also be donating to support the NSPCC in their valuable work to prevent abuse, help rebuild children's lives and support families.

Wiping out hygiene poverty

We are proud to support The Hygiene Bank, a grassroots charity helping families who live in poverty and cannot afford the basic products necessary to keep themselves clean. Pura is donating our plastic-free baby wipes to this worthy charity because we believe that nappy changing essentials should never, ever, be a luxury.

Each member of the Pura team will also spend a day volunteering in one of The Hygiene Bank centres in 2021. It’s something we can’t wait to do! Like the charity, we’re serious about inspiring change and building a brighter, cleaner future. Now. 

Listen up parents!

More than 40 adorable babies are featured in Pura’s playful educational campaign. Our mission, and theirs, is to spread the word to parents about harmful plastic in wipes, and to empower mums and dads to make better choices for their babies - and the planet they’ll inherit.

It’s show time

With experts, health professionals, and all the top baby brands under one roof, baby and toddler shows are great for helping you get to grips with the world of modern parenting.

Pura is sponsoring the UK’s leading baby and toddler shows, and our friendly team will be on hand at the events to meet parents, share Pura samples and educate about the hidden plastics in baby wipes.

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