4 New Year’s resolutions to make your family happier

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Even in normal circumstances, January isn’t the easiest of months. The fun of Christmas is over and the cold, dark weather can leave us all feeling a little blue.

This year, when we’re isolating and facing a whole load of uncertainty, things could feel tougher than ever.

So how about ditching the detox plans this January (unless you particularly enjoy kale and wheatgrass) and instead setting kinder goals that you might enjoy sticking to as a family?

#1 Practice gratitude

Grateful mum and daughter

It might not seem like there’s a lot to be grateful for at the moment, but it’s helpful to remember that it’s not all bad either. Accept that times are tough, but also take time to acknowledge the good things that happen each day too. Doing this as a family is beneficial, and if you have older kids, you could start by asking each other what made you feel good today. This could be around the dinner table or before bedtime. Even if your baby is tiny and can’t speak yet, make this positive habit a daily routine from an early age and cultivate a feelgood practice that could lead to a happier life. Research has shown that gratitude significantly improves both physical and mental health. 

#2 Get outdoors more

girl in garden

You know that fresh air is good for you, but it’s so cold and grey out there! Even if you can’t take your boisterous toddler to the playground at the moment, it’s important that they – and you – get daily doses of fresh air. If you have a garden, make it a fun place to be. Take toys outside and get little ones interested in the garden by pointing out what’s happening to the plants at this time of year and explaining how they’ll grow in spring. If you’ve no garden, go for short walks and make them fun by telling stories as you amble along. You could finish outings with a treat such as milk, a warm drink and a biscuit afterwards. And hopefully, that fresh air will encourage longer nap times.  

#3 Make planet-friendly choices


Going greener in 2021 is a great goal, but it can also seem daunting. If you want to make an easy eco change, try switching to sustainable products like Pura’s eco-friendly baby care. This may seem like a small step, but it can have a big impact on the planet. So rather than feeling guilty that you’re not doing enough, celebrate the fact that you’re doing something! Look out for next week’s blog where we’ll have more suggestions for easy ways to have a planet-friendly New Year.

#4 Sing!


You may have read our blog on the benefits of singing to your baby, but did you know that crooning can be good for adults too? Not only can singing help you feel connected to others, it can provide a whole host of benefits such as a boost to the immune system, stress relief, promoting good mental health and improving lung function. Who knew? As well as singing to your baby, you could consider joining one of the online choirs set up to spread a little joy during 2020. A quick internet search will reveal free events. 

Happy New Year from the Pura Team!

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