4 nifty tips for unwanted gifts

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Christmas has been and gone, and now that the main festivities are over, you may be wondering what to do with any gifts you’re sure you won’t use in 2021.

Rather than pushing them to the back of the cupboard where they’re no use to anybody, it’s ok to accept you don’t like/need them.

If you have gift receipts (or friends and family that aren’t easily offended) you can return unwanted items. But if that’s not an option, here’s three quick tips on how to deal with unloved gifts without being wasteful or appearing ungrateful! 

#1. Re-gifting

baby giving gifts

Perhaps your baby got one stuffed animal too many, or your child was given a quirky toy they just aren’t interested in. Remember, one baby’s trash is another baby’s treasure!

Perhaps you know a friend whose child would enjoy the toys your kids don’t want to play with. Don’t feel guilty about regifting. You’re giving joy to someone else and ensuring a gift isn’t wasted or left gathering dust.

#2. Swap shop

Why not chat to friends and see if they’re in the same boat? January can be a bleak month and, this year, many of us are unable to socialise. So now you have a good excuse to organise an online gathering and do a virtual unwanted present swap. Whether you post the gifts, or wait until you can hand them over in person, you’ll spread some goodwill and much-needed cheer in what could be a difficult time for many.

 #3. Give to charity

donating toys

This is normally a simple solution for surplus gifts. Donating your unwanted presents means your gift will go to good use and raise money for a worthwhile cause. Right now though, don’t forget to check whether your local charity shop is open and accepting donations - or that your item can be accepted by your chosen charity. It might not quite be business as normal thanks to Covid restrictions, so find out in advance.  

#4. Upcycle

sock puppet

Now for the fun bit. If you have some time on your hands and fancy getting a little creative, try looking at your gift will a new pair of eyes. Could a pair of fluffy socks be reborn as a mouse toy for your cat? Or maybe a sock puppet for older children? Perhaps a jumper could be made into a scarf, a dog jumper or a pair of mittens. Pinterest is full of ideas and on upcycling and there are loads of how-tos online. If you have older children, it’s fun to get them involved in your projects and a good way to introduce conversations about recycling and waste too.

We’d love to see your upcycled gift ideas! Why not share them and tag us on Instagram?




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