4 reasons why summer is the perfect time for potty training.

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Whatever the season, the best time to start potty training is undoubtedly when your little one is ready for it. But if this coincides with summertime, lucky you! 

Some infants show signs of being ready for potty training between ages 18 and 24 months, while others might not be ready until they're around 3 years old.  

Look out for them taking an interest in using the toilet, communicating they need to go, or them wanting to wear "big-kid" underwear.  

If your toddler can also pull up and down their underwear and can stay dry for up to two hours – chances are they’re ready (if you are still unsure check out our blog on this subject).  

Once you’ve decided, here’s why summer is the perfect time to potty train. 

1. Fewer clothes 

Accidents are bound to happen when you’re potty training. Lighter clothes (and shoes) are easier to rinse and dry in the sunshine. Summer apparel like shorts and skirts are also easier to pull up and down than tights, jeans or trousers. You’re more likely to let your little one run around in underwear or pull up pants (if you’re using them) in the good weather. and some parents even let their children go bare bottom in the garden to help with potty training. Not to be tried in the chilly winter months!  

2. Holiday time  

The potty training process will run more smoothly if you have a relaxed attitude and more time to spend helping your little one as they strive to achieve this milestone. If you’re a working parent, you’ll probably choose to take more holiday time in summer and so will be more relaxed and able to dedicate time to potty training without distraction.   

 3. Drink up 

As we all consume more liquids in the form of cool drinks and ice lollies in the hotter months, your toddler may need to pee more frequently and have amble opportunity to try out using the potty.  

 4. School starts 

If your child is starting nursery or preschool in September, this may be a great incentive for them to get out of nappies. If your child is physically ready but seems reluctant to potty train, this may also be an opportunity to discuss trying it before school starts. However, it’s important not to put any pressure on them.  

5. Handy hygiene on the go 

Finally, before you ditch the change bag, you’ll need to carry around potty training essentials for a while longer. As well as ensuring you carry spare clothes and underwear at all times, other handy items include hand sanitizer, and plastic-free flushable wipes to help you potty train when out and about.  

Good luck!  



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