4 simple plastic swaps this Plastic-Free July!

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Plastic Free July is a global movement that aims to helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities.  

Want to be part of Plastic Free July by choosing to refuse single-use plastics but not sure where to start? Follow our simple tips for easy plastic swaps.  

Plastic-free baby wipes  

It’s likely that many of you are already doing this. But for those still using plastic wipes, here’s a reminder of how easy it is to swap to those that are better for the planet. 90% of wipes sold in the UK and 90% of wipes sold in the US contain hidden plastic. Do yours? As an alternative, look out for brands like Pura that offer baby wipes that are made from plant-fibres and are 100% plastic-free. Because Pura wipes are also affordable and great for babies’ skin, switching to plastic-free couldn’t be easier!   

Plastic-free tea 

Tea lovers may be surprised to learn that some tea bags are made from plastic. In fact, a study found that some tea bags can release billions of plastic particles into your cup - eek. Loose leaf is the most sustainable but if bags are more your bag, many UK brands such as Yorkshire Tea, PG Tips, Twinnings, Clipper, Teapigs and many supermarket label tea bags are eliminating or reducing their reliance on plastic for an eco-friendlier product. See the full list here. 

 Plastic-free toothbrushes  

Did you know every toothbrush ever created, is still in existence? They take 500 to decompose in landfill. Don’t throw away your current brush, but, once you’ve finished with it, why not switch to a bamboo toothbrush that can be composted? You can find affordable bamboo brushes with a simple online search and they are available in some of the bigger retailers now such as Boots in the UK and Target and Walgreens in the US.  

 Plastic-free water  

Lots of people remember to pack their refillable water bottles for the gym or when out and about, but what about at home? Sparkling water is a refreshing change from tap water and a healthier option than some sodas. If you’re a fan, consider ditching the singe use bottles and investing in a water carbonator. For households that enjoy a lot of sparkling water, a soda maker or water carbonator can be an environmentally superior alternative to store-bought beverages. 


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