5 easy eco swaps for 2023!

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If your resolution is to do better by your planet this new year, look no further than our super simple eco switches. Not only will they help the planet, but these swaps will also be kind to your piggy bank too…  

 2. Switch to greener cleaning

If they are single use cloths, or contain harmful ingredients, the products you use to clean your home can make a mess for your planet. Instead, you can make a small change and cleaning your home with non-toxic and natural cleaning products. Most things can be cleaned with simple store cupboard ingredients such as white vinegar, baking soda and a few drops of lemon. Or switch to everyday cleaning products that are great for you and better for your planet with brands such as SMOL 

3. Get a coffee fix

The next time you brew fresh coffee, don't chuck the used grounds away. Apart from giving us a caffeine buzz, coffee has all sort of other good uses. Not only is it a great fertiliser for shrubs, it’s also a fantastic component of homemade beauty products. Used as an exfoliator, it’s said to be great for cellulite and is also said to add shine to dark hair. Find out more on how to use coffee in beauty projects here.  


  1. Change to plastic-free wipes 

If you haven’t made the change to Pura yet, 2023 a good time to start! While many wipes contain hidden plastic, Pura wipes are made from biodegradable plant fibres and so are 100% plastic-free and 100% biodegradable. The packaging is completely recyclable too.  They’re also as bottom-friendly as they are planet-friendly. Pura wipes are approved by midwives and paediatricians and are clinically proven to be suitable for the most sensitive of skin. Switching to Pura is the one change you’ll actually look forward to making this new year.  


  1. Find feel good fashion for your little bundle

Babies outgrow seven clothing sizes in just 2 years – talk about fast-fashion! Wherever you can, swap used clothes with friends and family to not only help the planet, but your piggy bank too. You can also get sustainable styles at affordable prices as they grow with baby clothing rental brands like Bundlee.

So they can be stylish and sustainable!  


Wishing an eco-awesome 2023!  

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