5 reasons to potty train with flushable wipes

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It’s a major milestone. After a short lifetime in nappies, your little tot is ready to move on to using the potty!

Once they’ve mastered “going” in the toilet or potty (that’s a future blog in itself), it’s equally as essential to teach your child to learn to wipe themselves properly.

Though this won’t happen overnight, using flushable wipes makes the process a whole lot easier – and potentially more hygienic!

1. I’ve seen those before!

Toilet training can be a daunting for some children - it’s all so new. So it’s important to make the process feel fun and uncomplicated. If you’ve used baby wipes from the beginning, your child will be used to the look and feel of them, whereas toilet paper may feel alien and far less soft and cool on the skin.

  2. Size matters

Baby wipes such as Pura’s are the perfect size for little hands too.

Mastering rolling and ripping loo roll can be tricky, but simply pulling a wipe out of its packet is child’s play in comparison.

  3. Wipe right

If your child doesn’t wipe up properly – especially after a poop – it can lead to an itchy, sore bottom, or even a urinary tract infection. Remember to teach little girls how to wipe from front to back to avoid causing infection. Start with you wiping first, then let your child use a flushable wipe to finish the job. While it’s common in many countries to clean with bidets, here in the UK we mainly rely on toilet roll to clean up! However, more recently, many adults are turning to toilet wipes in the belief that they are not only kinder to skin, but also far more hygienic and effective in cleaning our bottoms thoroughly. 

4. Soothing moments

While mastering the wiping action, aggravation can occur if kids rub too hard with toilet paper. Pura’s wipes are enriched with soothing ingredients which won’t irritate the skin. Containing organic aloe vera, they are suitable from birth and for sensitive or eczema prone skin.

  5. Feeling flush

If you care for your planet, you may be worried about flushing anything but toilet paper down the loo. This is good practice, as many traditional wipes (and even those labelled flushable under the older European product standards) can cause fatbergs and block sewers. Pura is one of a handful of genuinely flushable wipes which have been certified as Fine to Flush – the UK’s newest flushable standard. This means they have passed Water UK’s rigorous scientific testing and are 100% safe to pass through the sewerage system. So, by wiping with Pura’s flushables, you are helping keep bottoms and the planet clean.

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