5 Tips For A Plastic-Free Picnic

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To celebrate the start of Plastic-Free July, why not enjoy a planet-friendly outing?

Grab a comfy blanket, tasty treats, a selection of toys (teddy bears optional) and head out for a picnic – one of the great joys of summer.

Though the weather is changeable, the ease in lockdown rules mean many of us are enjoying picnicking again, but while most picnic sets include reusable plates and cutlery, single use plastic in other forms is often included in normal picnic paraphernalia. With this in mind, we’ve listed five easy plastic swaps to ensure that your picnic doesn’t harm Mother Nature.      


1. Take bottles and cups

Pack reusable water bottles and coffee cups so you never go thirsty! When you’re a busy parent, simply managing to drink your cuppa while it’s still hot can feel like a small victory, so buying a frothy latte to accompany your picnic lunch can feel like a real treat. Take a reusable coffee cup so your latte-to-go is guilt-free.

 2. Remember the reusable straws

Straws are fun for toddlers and bigger kids alike. Some babies can even master using a straw by the time they’re 12 months old, and straws are great for preventing spills when they move from sippy cups to beakers. Fashioned from metal or lightweight silicone that can be used to slurp hot or cold drinks, reusable straws are light to carry and come with absorbent pouches, so you don’t have to worry about them staining your picnic or change bag. 

 3. Bring beeswax wraps

A great alternative to clingfilm, beeswax wraps are ideal for packing sandwiches or covering over half eaten treats so that they don’t attract unwelcome flying guests with a sting in the tail. To keep costs down, with a bit of effort you can also make your own beeswax wraps using online recipes.

 4Wipe out plastic

A change bag staple, baby wipes are great on strawberry-stained faces and sticky fingers. Keeping with the plastic-free theme, Pura’s baby wipes  are 100% plastic-free, 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable. They are also highly accredited, allergy tested and suitable for the most sensitive of skins, meaning you don’t have to compromise on convenience and caring for the planet. 

 5. Dish out homemade dips

Dips make healthy snacks for babies, and toddlers, but most come wrapped in plastic, so why not make your own to pack in reusable containers? Blend beetroot, yoghurt, olive oil and seasoning to make an enticingly bright pink dip that kids should love. You Looks like you’ll be needing those wipes...

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