5 tips for better sleep this Christmas Eve

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Get them sleepy!  

Christmas Eve can be a busy day for adults as you rush around doing last minute preparations for the big day. If you can get most of the major tasks done before Christmas Eve, you can instead fit in an activity designed to tire the wee ones out. Go for a Christmassy walk, take them to the park – anything involving fresh air or physical activity will help tire them out. But don’t let your child become over-tired. This can raise their cortisol levels, making sleep difficult and leading to early morning waking. You have been warned!  

Stick to a routine 

It isn’t easy to keep to a routine over the festive period, especially if you’re spending Christmas with relatives, or if you have people staying with you. However, if you could possibly follow some of the steps from your usual routine leading up to bedtime, this will help your child recognise sleep cues and get some shut eye. Don’t rush your child to bed too early on Christmas Eve either, especially if they have been travelling during the day and have slept in the car. A too early bedtime could cause them to either take a very long time to get to sleep or to wake up very early on Christmas morn. Both of which are best avoided!  

Christmas Eve gifts 

For older children, if the excitement of waiting for pressies to be delivered by the man in red is just too much, you could consider giving them a gift to open right before bed on Christmas Eve. This is not the time to present exciting toys, but a book containing a bedtime story that you could read to them before sleep could be a good way to get them to relax into sleep.  

Don’t stress it 

If it all goes to pot, don’t worry! Make a plan re. how you’ll help your little one get back on track after Christmas day. So that might mean an extra nap to catch up on Boxing Day, or ensuring your partner doesn’t get too merry, so you can share the night-time wakings! 

A busy Christmas can feel a bit much, even for adults so if you’re feeling a little frustrated, short tempered or tired, don’t be ashamed to take a nap with your baby throughout the festive period. 

 Happy holidays!

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