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When you're pregnant there's just so much you want to know! To celebrate International Day of the Midwife we asked independent midwife Lorraine Lowrie, of Baby Know How, the top three questions she is asked by parents-to-be. Check out her fab answers below. 

How will I know if I’m in labour?

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This is one of the most commonly asked questions! Established labour is when a woman experiences continuous contractions every five minutes, or so, which increase in duration to eventually lasting a minute. Most first time mums worry about not realising they are in labour - but in most case you will definitely know! 

What's the best thing a birthing partner can do to help?

Birthing partner

Birthing partners will be eager to do what they can to assist, but not everyone realises that one of the best things a partner can do to support someone in established labour is to not touch or talk to them whilst they are contracting. In between contractions is the best time to communicate and find out what their partner needs from them.

What’s life like with a newborn?

Mum, dad newborn PJ day

Life with a newborn involves a rollercoaster of hormonal highs and lows! For instance, did you know that the hormone adrenaline kicks in right after delivery to give new mums a new sense of alertness? So even when she is tired, a new mum is programmed to be awake and want to look after her baby.  

To help get through those first few weeks, I recommend stockpiling batch cooked meals in the freezer in pregnancy. I also suggest having pajama days in the first week after birth, and not having visitors over continuously.

In fact, in the past I have advised having an "open day" at a weekend, say from 1-5 pm, so you can set limits to people coming and going whenever they want everyday of the week - which can be exhausting!

Midwife Lorraine with husband

A midwife for 28 years, Lorraine Lowrie (pictured with husband Derrick) now runs Baby Know How, an independent midwifery service which provides Zoom antenatal classes and postnatal support from home. She is registered to work to in the whole of the UK. If you'd like more in-depth answers to the above questions, or would like to chat to Lorraine about anything birth and baby related, please email her on: babyknowhow@gmail.com 

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