Baby it’s cold outside – how to protect your baby’s skin in winter

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father carrying baby outside in the snow

It’s not just your skin that needs extra attention during the cold winter months.

Your baby’s sensitive skin is typically 30% thinner than your own and the harsher weather and constant central heating can dry it out and cause irritation.

Thankfully, there are many things you can do to look after your little one’s skin in winter:

Bath baby

Although you might like to include a daily bath as part of your baby’s bedtime routine, frequent baths can actually be drying for the skin, especially in winter when skin is more prone to dryness.

Baby being bathed by parent

To minimise problems, avoid harsh products and overly warm water. And instead of daily baths, you could occasion skip bathtime and instead follow the NHS’s advice for topping and tailing – which involves washing just your baby’s face, hands, neck and bottom.

Face facts

Babies dribble a lot and, in winter, the skin on your baby’s cheeks can become dry and your little one’s lips can become chapped or cracked.

small baby, mother applying cream to face

Counteract this by gently wiping away dribble frequently and ease any irritation by using a lip balm and moisturiser with baby safe ingredients. Very irritated skin or eczema should be treated by a doctor.

Nappy rash

Baby in cot looking at the camera

During winter, when your baby is all wrapped up, they often spend less time out of nappies than in the warmer months. Also, lots of clothes can cause humidity next to the skin which can contribute to nappy rash. There are a few things you can do to help prevent outbreaks:

  • Change your baby’s nappy frequently. If you’re traveling during the festive season, make sure that you change your baby as soon as you arrive at your destination, especially after a long journey.
  • Keep your baby warm when you’re outside but minimise layers indoors.
  • If you can, factor in some nappy free air time at some point in the day.
  • Choose nappies that are super absorbent and aren’t bleached with chemicals or contain any harsh artificial ingredients. Pura’s nappies are dermatologically tested, totally chlorine free, with no nasties, and are certified by Allergy UK. So they’re gentle on your baby’s developing skin.
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