Back to school shouldn’t mean back to plastic

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In an attempt to reduce the spread of Covid 19 in schools, kids are being asked to bring packed lunches in disposable bags. These bags will then be discarded daily, after each school meal.

While we certainly applaud any measures to keep children safe, what’s eating us is the potential environmental impact.

In a normal school year, there are around 200 lunchtimes, and according to government figures, there are 8.89 million pupils in England alone in 2020. So even if just half of these pupils use disposable bags, that’s almost 900 million bags thrown into landfill each year.

This is on top of the disposable wrappers used to wrap food items in – food for thought indeed!

Be a smart cookie

There are alternatives to plastic. Eco-friendly food bags can help you make your child’s lunchtime sandwiches more sustainable. Look out for those made from recycled or sustainably-sourced paper, or sandwich bags which are fully compostable.

We’re chipping in

We want to help you keep their lunch and their planet safe. Pura’s 100% plastic-free, potato-based bags are fully 100% compostable and created purely from potato starch (though we definitely don’t recommend eating them)! They are the perfect replacement for plastic lunch bags.

Throughout September, we’re including two of our plastic-free bags with every free trial pack of plastic-free wipes.

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