Candice Braithwaite Shares Her Easy Eco Tips

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Successful blogger, presenter and author of I Am Not Your Baby Mother, Candice Braithwaite, is making small but impactful steps towards leading a more sustainable life. The mother of two shares her top tips… 

Has becoming a parent made you more environmentally aware?

Completely. Like most people, I think I was a little selfish before becoming a parent and this included my ignorance towards how badly some of my habits were impacting the earth. Now I have kids, I would like them to be able to live on it for as long as possible, so I’m far more aware of the environment and the actionable steps I can take to help make it better.

As a busy working parent with an endless to-do list, is it sometimes a challenge to be eco-friendly?

Yes, I think it is. Do you know how many reusable shopping bags I have? But I’m normally checking 100 things before I leave the house and packing them can slip my mind so, begrudgingly, I find myself having to use a plastic one. It’s hard to stay on top of it all.

Many parents don’t know that some wipes and nappies can harm the planet. Were you well-informed on the subject?

I had zero idea that nappies could harm the planet! I knew you couldn’t flush wipes and I didn’t want to have to call a plumber out, so I adhered to that rule. But it was never made clear via marketing or brands that these things are not good for the planet.

 Why are you making the switch to Pura wipes and nappies?

I will be switching to Pura wipes and nappies because, now there is an alternative to the ones which pollute our space, why wouldn’t I? It’s a simple way to help encourage the idea that we should be kinder to our earth. Also, the packaging is so beautiful! 

Are you doing anything else to be “greener” as a family?

Yes, I walk and cycle as much as I can. The challenge is that the kids can’t come as far as I would like as they are both still quite young. We have a water butt, which we use for our flowers and plants. It’s a wonder to see how that cleaner water treats our blooms. Where we can, we have tried to dramatically reduce our use of plastic. The challenge is trying to break habits and correct years of unconscious choices. We are always learning.

Can you share any easy eco tips?

My main tip would be to take it slow. Small steps still count. Get a water butt if you can - they are amazing. And if you have a baby, switch to Pura! 

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