Don’t miss our top tips for green gifting this Christmas!

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It’s not so easy to live sustainably during the season of indulgence, but our guide can help you make some small, but worthwhile, changes this December that let you give and give back to your planet!

Old is the new, new

According to a study by Amazon Warehouse, almost half of Brits (46 per cent) would consider buying second-hand gifts for their loved ones this Christmas – with 58 per cent saying they would be happy to unwrap a pre-loved item on Christmas Day.

The top second-hand products Brits would be happy to be gifted on December 25th include books (50 per cent), jewellery (31 per cent), and artwork (30 per cent).

Giving second-hand gifts is not only good for the piggy bank, it’s also great for the planet too as it gives a product a longer lifespan. You can also find lots of great preloved toys for reasonable prices online and in such good condition, they could have been brought by Santa himself.

Vast experience

Research commissioned by Haven Holidays show that over half of Brits would prefer to be gifted an experience – in place of a material gift this Christmas.

The top days out Brits would like to receive as a gift this festive season include food and drink experiences, wildlife experiences, and luxury getaways.

Of the parents surveyed, one in eight (13%) said their ideal gifts would be more experiences and making memories with their kids, rather than receiving a pressie.

Gifting an experience for your loved ones helps the planet by reducing the demand for physical resources. There are lots of options to choose from that will reduce your Christmas footprint. You could buy tickets to shows, concerts or events. Get creative!

Do your research

Surprises can be lovely, but Christmas day leaves many households teaming with unwanted gifts come Boxing Day. Some of this can be avoided by checking in and finding out what people really want for Xmas. If you are unsure, vouchers are a safe bet. This may seem boring or unthoughtful, but most people would rather receive something they really want rather than be left with items they don’t have use for.

It’s a wrap

When it comes to wrapping your gifts, look for cards and wrapping paper made from sustainable materials such as recycled or FSC-certified paper. Avoid plastic ribbon and tape or foil-backed wrapping paper. Choose cards or wrapping material that can be recycled (no foil or glitter!) and consider using reusable bags or cloth and non-plastic-pretty ribbon to tie gifts some gifts. They’re fun to unwrap and ribbons can be kept for future crafts or even to adorn hair.

We wish you a happy holiday!

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