Five fun autumn activities for kids

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child with autumn leaves

There’s a chill in the air and the leaves are turning lovely shades of red and golden. Autumn is well and truly here and although summer picnics and warm sunny days in the park will have to wait until next year, there’s still loads of cheap, or even free, activities you can do with your tots this season. 

Here's some inspiration:

  1. Nature walk

autumn walk with toddler in leaves

Autumn is such a pretty season It’s a great time to wrap up and get your tot out into nature where they can walk along a carpet of fallen leaves and collect treasures such as conkers and acorns. This free activity is not only a good form of physical exercise (all that walking and fresh air should tire out even the most active of tots) it’s also a good opportunity to teach them about the changing seasons.

  1. Leaf crafts

autumn leaf craft

Use the nature’s treasures that you collected on your walk to make simple crafts with your babes. You can simply stick leaves onto paper to create an eye catching pattern, use the leaves as stencils to paint around or why not stick googly eyes on leaves to make autumnal monsters? Get inspiration for cheap and easy crafts that you will enjoy as much as your kids will here.

  1. Toast marshmallows

toasting marshmallow

After time spent in the fresh air, what better refreshment than hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows? Create a hygge atmosphere at home, or in your garden, where you can wrap up and enjoy this sweet treat, even if you don’t have a campfire. If you have older kids, you can use the opportunity to teach them a little science. Ask simple questions such as "what do you think is happening to the surface and inside of the marshmallow as they toast"? Kids are naturally inquisitive. Take time to discuss the activity and see what comes up. This shift of focus may also stop them from gobbling up too many goodies as well!

  1. Bake seasonal fare

pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup or pie anyone? Or perhaps an apple and blackberry crumble? Most kids love to bake and if you incorporate locally grown seasonal fare it will help you cut down on food miles too. Baking your own treats also means you can monitor the sugar content and use only natural, wholesome ingredients.

  1. Snuggle time

cuddles with dog and baby

Time to get as snug as a bug. After playing outdoors, a warm bath and a change into comfy clothes could be followed by some serious snuggle time. Dig out pillows and blankets and create a cosy corner where you can read to your tot. Autumn tends to have a slower pace than summer, so use this as an opportunity to chill, read and cuddle.

 Got a great autumn activity you want to share? Take a pic or video and tag us on social media. 

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