Four fun free activities to do with the kids this autumn

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The darker nights are drawing in, pumpkin spice flavours are back on the
menu, the trees are shedding their leaves and making pretty pavement
carpets of red, orange and gold.

Yes - autumn has arrived! Whether you’re sad to say goodbye to sunny
days or welcoming the opportunity to cosy up in chunky knits, we have
some tips to help you and your kids embrace nature and take full
advantage of everything this amazing season has to offer.

1, Leafy collection
Collecting autumn leaves is a simple activity, but so much fun for toddlers
and young children. Take a walk with your little one in the crisp autumn air
and collect the prettiest leaves you can find. Once you’ve gathered your
leafy stash, take them home and spend some time sorting them with your
toddler. You can ask them to sort by shapes and colours or ask your child
to make piles of big or small leaves. If your little one is a bit older, you can
even research which trees the leaves came from.

2. Crafty suggestions
After you’re done sorting, why not use the leaves for easy art projects?
You could simply glue leaves to paper to make a colourful collage or use
them for printing by painting the leaf and then pressing it onto some
white paper. Another idea is to make leaf crowns by gluing them onto a
band of cardboard. A quick google search will reveal oodles of other leafy
crafts that don’t involves tonnes of expansive craft equipment.

3. Oh crumbs!
It’s apple season and apple crumble is a much-loved British bake that’s
super easy to make with kids. For the most basic apple crumble all you
need is 450g apples, 50 g sugar, 125g flour and 50g butter chilled and cut
into cubes. Peel and chop the apples and arrange in a cooking dish.
Sprinkle with half the sugar. Get your kids to wash their hands and roll up
their sleeves. They can then rub the flour and butter mixture together
with their fingers until in turns into crumbs. Add in the sugar, and mixing.
Pour the crumble onto the apples and cook for around 40 min at a
medium heat. You can always leave out the sugar if you prefer. Voila – a
delicious treat for the whole family.

4. Collect conkers
It’s officially conker season! Since the 1800’s, come the start of autumn,
British children have been eagerly collecting conkers, hunting parks,
village greens and gardens for the very best specimens, found in their
familiar spiky green cases. From the old fashioned game of conkers, to
crafting (they make great bodies for conker animals) they are so many fun
ways to use these much loved glossy brown seeds and make memories
that last a lifetime.
Stay tuned for our green Halloween decorations ideas this month.
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