Fun, planet-friendly ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids

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Why should the grown-ups have all the fun on Valentine’s Day? Make it a day to remember for your little ones too with our eco-friendly tips – that will also show the planet some love.

Make cards

Get crafty and save on waste by making your own Valentine’s Day themed cards. One fun and easy way to do this is to try some foot printing. Paint their tiny tootsies and get them to stand on some folded paper or card with their feet in a V-shape. Write your message and cut around the print in a heart-shape. This can really look lovely and your little one should enjoy getting messy with paint! Just don’t forget to use your Pura wipes to clean up paint splattered toes and hands.

Bake sweet treats

Valentine's Day cookies

Rather than buying chocolates for your loved ones, make some Valentine’s Day themed love heart biscuits with your kids instead. You can use a basic cookie recipe and cut out your biscuits with a heart-shaped cutter or knife. Your children should have lots of fun icing and decorating them. Arrange the biscuits imaginatively on a plate to present to family members before they are quickly eaten up!

Plant the seed!

Roses are the flowers most associated with love and Valentine’s, but generally they come with a high carbon footprint. Roses are most likely flown into the UK and kept refrigerated before they arrive at your door, so they’re not exactly eco-friendly. Instead, why not grow some roses in your own garden? Bare root roses can be planted in February, so get your tot wrapped up warm and enjoy some family gardening time. If you don’t have a garden, look for something you can plant indoors, which your kids can help to water and enjoy watching it grow!

Go for a stroll

You may be a little fed up of walking (there’s not much else to do for most of us at the moment), but make your Valentine’s Day stroll a little different by trying to be more mindful. Try to really notice what you can see, hear and smell, pointing these out to your young ones, even if your baby isn’t talking yet. Are there any signs of spring? Can you spot snowdrops or crocuses? The best thing about walking in the cold is coming home and getting cosy with a warm drink. And hopefully, if you have a romantic evening with your other half planned, all the fresh air will have tired out your little one.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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