Why it's good to be a woman working for Pura!

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To celebrate International Women's day, we asked Pura's Chief Marketing Officer Amanda Richards about her experience as a women in senior leadership roles. And why she feels that Pura is a good place to be for a woman... 


Amanda and her family

Amanda and her family 

On International Women’s Day I’m very grateful to say that I have never truly felt discriminated against for being a woman. I realise that so many women worldwide cannot say this. And many probably fear that they will never be truly equal or live without discrimination, sexism or worse. And there is so much worse…

I have always had the backing and belief of two of the most significant men in my life; my dad – who always believed that I could and supported me through school, uni, work, even when I doubted myself. Then there’s my husband – who has followed me all over Europe, prioritised my career over his, and been a wonderful stay at home dad.

Let’s not forget, I was born into a culture that strives for equality for women - even if it doesn’t always succeed. Imagine being born in Afghanistan today – where even basic education is not a right for girls.  Or the sheer horror of being a women affected by the conflict in war-torn Ukraine today?

Amanda and her boys

We are doing our best to raise our two boys to see women as equals. Being a working mum with a successful career is a great example to set them. We remind them constantly that the objectification of women and girls online, and in culture, is plain wrong. 

I have deliberately chosen to work with organisations that set very high standards when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Again, not all women are lucky enough to be able to choose. And am happy to share that the reality of being a woman leader in those organisations was always a very positive one.

International Women's Day sign

At Pura, women are well respected, and our voices are heard. The team appreciates our flexible working policy which allows us to fulfil our other roles as women, as well as deliver in the work place. As we grow, we will aim for a higher percentage of female managers and a greater female presence on the board.

I may be more emotional than the guys, but I think emotional intelligence – or the ability to recognise and understand emotions and their impact on behaviour and attitudes is a critical part of modern leadership.

According to Daniel Goleman, godfather of EQ, 80-90% of the competencies that differentiate top performers are in the domain of emotional intelligence.

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!



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