Happy Tree Dressing Day! Show some love for our leafy friends

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What could be more Christmassy than a tree bedecked in sparkly baubles and twinkling fairy lights?

Trimming the tree is a tradition that many families look forward to each December.

But tree dressing is not just a Christmas convention. In fact, it’s an age-old custom that’s been celebrated in cultures worldwide for many different reasons.

Did you know that the Celts tied clooties (colourful rags) on trees to surround a sacred well, or spring, and that Buddhists tie ribbons on trees as an act of worship?

Today we're celebrating Tree Dressing Day. The annual event aims to highlight the part trees play in communities and their vital role in keeping our planet safe.  Will you join us?

Why we love trees

Trees are essential weapons in our battle against climate change. According to Earthday.org, trees absorb one-third of global emissions every year. Here in the UK, if we planted more native trees, we could encourage woodland that is genetically diverse and resilient against pests, diseases and the effects of climate change. Read more here. As your children grow, educate them about the all good things trees do for us and our planet. By planting the seed early, your children will hopefully grow to understand the importance of preserving and restoring our woodlands and forests.

Tales trees could tell

yew tree

Depending on the species, trees can live for thousands of years. It’s no wonder then that they’ve long been celebrated in folklore around the world. Think of the scenes that ancient trees might have witnessed! The Ankerwycke Yew in Berkshire is thought to be around 2,500 years old and is said to have been a place of courtship for Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in the 1530s. Read tree-themed stories to your little ones today. If you have older kids, ask them to have fun imagining the tales trees could tell – if only they could talk!

How lovely are your branches?

Now for the fun part. If you’re lucky enough to have trees in your garden, why not make sure they’re dressed to impress today? You can prettify them using surplus Christmas baubles or create your own theme. Use ribbons or string that you have lying around the house or make your own decorations out of recycled materials. Your adorned tree is sure to make passers-by smile at a time when we’re in need of extra cheer. You could even write messages of support or thanks to your neighbours and tie them to your tree.

To protect trees, Pura wipes and nappies are FSC certified, which means that any forest material used in our products is made from well-managed forests and/or recycled sources. You can learn more about how Pura is working to restore woodlands with our partner the Woodland Trust here.  

 Join the Woodland Trust's The Big Climate Fightback campaign to help fight for the future of our planet using trees here.  


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