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Plastic wipe ban

Enough is enough! The babies want a ban on plastic wipes, and they want one now.  

So they’ve put their best booties forward and asked Boris – and the rest of the UK Government – to support Pura’s petition banning wet wipes contain plastic.

The petition is now live, and the babies’ compelling video appeal (see below) is being sent to every MP in the UK. We’re also calling on all the Pura family; customers, ambassadors, partners, friends and family to support our urgent cause.

 Why we need a ban

90% of the 11 billion wet wipes sold in the UK contain plastic. A recent Greenpeace report reveals that the UK generates more plastic waste per person than any other country apart from the US.

The UK sends the equivalent of three and a half Olympic swimming pools of plastic waste abroad every, single day, supposedly for recycling. Yet some of it is being found dumped, burned or in the ocean according to Greenpeace.

We need a big change. Now.

 More reasons why plastic is not fantastic:

Plastic wipes take more than 100 years to degrade, outliving the babies they were used on.

They leave behind harmful microplastics – that’s smaller plastic particles – that pollute land, rivers and oceans contributing to carbon emissions and climate change.

Scientists are calling this the “plastification” of the planet and claim plastic pollution is one of the most pressing environmental issues of the 21st century.

And if that doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth, this might... Humans inevitably breathe, drink and eat microplastics.

Tiny plastics, smaller than 5mm, have been detected in seafood and human poo. It has also been found in the womb, inside human placentas, where scientists say it can cause foetal damage. In fact scientist are increasingly concerned about the impact of microplastic on human health.

Why now?

turtle in plastic

There are many viable alternatives for parents such as the affordable, 100% plastic-free baby wipes sold by Pura, Kit and Kin, Mum and You and many more!  

Change just isn’t happening quickly enough. Like with plastic straws, plastic-stemmed cotton buds and stirrers, which were banned in October 2020, we want a complete ban on all plastic wet wipes by April 2022.

We estimate that if plastic wipes were eliminated, we’d save annual carbon emissions equivalent to taking 9200 cars off our roads! That’s a big step.

How can I help?

It’s simple. Sign our petition and send it to as many people as possible. We need our campaign to go viral if we are to get the 100,000 signatures necessary for the Government to review it.

 So help Pura, and babies everywhere, drive a big change towards a purer future.

Click here and hot foot it to the petition!

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