Hideously fun green Halloween crafts for toddlers

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Happy Halloween

Decorating the house is all part of the excitement of spooky session, but store-bought adornments often contain a lot of unnecessary plastic and can be costly. 

The good news is, homemade decorations can be just as spooktacular. Using items you probably already have lying around in the house such as felt tip pens and paint, alongside goodies from Mother Nature, you can have fun crafting quick, simple and relatively mess-free decorations with your child. And, even better news - your creepy creations won't have scary repercussions for the planet. 

Spooktacular leaves

Leaf ghosts

First, enjoy a bit of fresh air and fun as you collect autumn leaves with your tot in the garden or in your local park. Once you’ve got a good stash, take them home to dry. Then all you need is scissors, felt tip pens and some paint. Turn your leaves into pumpkins, vampires or ghosts (as shown) by painting them and then creating the finishing touches with your pen. You can use the leaves to adorn your windows, or other areas in the house.

Creepy bites

Monster pizzas

More than just a craft, you get to eat these fiendishly good faces! All children love topping their own pizzas and if you use a variety of veg, it’s a good way to get more greens into fussy toddlers. Make your own pizza dough or buy in ready-made bases. Then gather a variety of toppings such as sliced peppers (which make great monster mouths and fangs) olives, (which can be transformed into eerie eyes), or cheese strips (to make mysterious mummy bandages). Have fun assembling and then enjoy tucking into your creature creations.

Toilet terrors  

Toilet roll Halloween

Once the toilet roll is finished, save the tube and you can use it to create terrifying Halloween characters. You’ll need paint, crayons, and felt tips pens, plus some extra bits of paper for decorating. Transform the tubes into creepy cats, monsters, spiders, witches and ghouls. These can then be used for playtime as well as to tittivate the house. If you’re really feeling creative, perhaps you could make a house for your characters with a used Pura delivery box.

Spooky stones

Stone painted like pumpkins

Time for some more foraging! Collect some large stones or pebbles and use them to create pumpkins (shown) moons, stars, witches’ cauldrons – whatever your child fancies. All you need to do is paint your stone and embellish as desired. The decorated stones can be laid outside for trick or treaters to enjoy or displayed indoors. 

All the above crafts should cause minimal mess, but don’t forget your Pura wipes for cleaning up little fingers after a crafting session. 100% plastic-free, they’re far from frightening for the planet.

Happy green Halloween!  

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