Holy poops - we’re one step closer to banning plastic wipes!

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Pura has been lobbying for immediate action on the ban of plastic wipes since we launched and, over the past few weeks, we’ve taken our protest to Manchester, Liverpool and most recently to the streets of London.

A wrapped lorry - provided by the Culina Group and designed by Pura - stating “Hey Mr Prime Minister! It’s time to BAN plastic wipes”, was driven through the streets of Liverpool, Manchester, and through all the capital’s major landmarks.  

The lorry was accompanied by members of the Pura team, including our founder Guy Fennell, wearing sandwich boards displaying the same message, to further protest against the lack of action in banning plastic wipes.

Plastic wipe ban – the story so far

A plastic wipe ban has also been championed by Labour MP Fleur Anderson who, on 2nd November 2021, introduced a Private Members Bill in Parliament for a ban on plastic wipes. This was reintroduced on 21st October 2022.

 The Government promised to ban plastic in wipes in April 2023, but said that it would hold another consultation first. As yet, there has been no date for the ban.  

In September 2023, Ms Anderson one again and urged the Government to ban plastic in wet wipes now during Prime Minister’s Questions, which inspired Pura to help her drive change with the van protest.


 We’re delighted to say that Defra has now announced a six-week consultation on the ban of plastic wipes in October 2023, which will run until 25 November 2023. 

Given strong public support for a ban and the availability of commercially viable alternatives to plastic-based wipes, we hope that wait is almost over.  
Guy Fennell, Pura founder and champion of banning plastic wipes, commented: “The plastic wipe situation in this country is a very sorry one. Naturally we’re pleased that a ban is looking like it could be brought soon. But as long as fatbergs threaten our waterways and plastic wipes pollute our country, we will be there campaigning against them every step of the way.”

 A representative from Culina Group said “It was extremely important for us to support Pura in their mission to make their plastic wipe ban message heard. Sustainability is massive to us here at Culina Group, and with many of our drivers passing rivers and canals every day, we want to be part of making sure our waterways are clean and pollution-free for generations to come.”  

 Watch this space! 

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