How can I give back this Christmas? Support The Hygiene Bank with Pura.

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In the UK right now, there are millions of families locked in poverty or who find themselves in times of crisis.

While it’s traditionally the time to enjoy seasonal shopping sprees, many families are caught between being able to heat their home, pay their rent, buy food - or keep themselves and their families clean.

Hygiene poverty can be shaming, humiliating and excluding. Hygiene poverty is being unable to change your baby's nappy as often as is needed and scraping out the contents before reapplying it.

Because we believe no families should have to suffer like this - we want to provide those in need with wipes and nappies to keep their families clean. Will you help us?

What can I do?

For every one-time purchase or new subscription order made on (on wipes or nappies) we will donate the equivalent value of product to The Hygiene Bank.

This means we can work with the HB to see what they most need in January (i.e a particular nappy size or whether they need more wipes than nappies etc.) and donate appropriately.

 Our It’s Time For Giving campaign starts today and runs throughout the month – ending on midnight 31 December.  

 If you want to participate, buy and give wipes and nappies now.

 Happy holidays!

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