How to create the perfect changing area for your baby

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Changing areas have changed (pardon the pun) dramatically in the past decade. Gone are the days when you’d shove this dirty part of having a baby in an unseen corner or tidy the change mat under a bed when not in use.  

Changing areas are now becoming a stylish part of the nursery décor. Follow these top 5 tips to create a stunning - yet functional - changing space – courtesy of The Gilded Bird.   

Decide on a theme or colour pallet for your nursery and make your change area a feature. It could be used as a way to add different patterns or textures to the room. For example, if you've decided on a blue room, choose a wedge changing mat with a soft blue ocean theme. The pattern will provide something fun for your baby to look at during changing times and it will give some visual interest to the room. For a pink room, grab a bold floral mat - again the change mat should complement the already established colour pallet in the room. 


Get creative with your change table. A fabulous trend that has proven so useful to new parents is to get a change table that can also double as a chest of drawers or even grab a beautiful antique chest of drawers and modify the top to safely take a changing mat (make sure the mat is secure at all times of course). Instead of white, add warmth to a room with natural wood tones or for that pop of drama, paint them a dark/rich colour. Your nursery furniture doesn't need to be the same style/colour - switch it up and play around with each item. 


Decorate the walls above the changing area. Use small simple shelves or a collection of 4 paintings (frames can be different shapes but the colours should match to ensure a cohesive look) to tie in the table and mat. This will make the space look intentional - an essential part of the room. 


Get organised! Whether it's in the drawers or under the table on shelves, the last thing you'll want is to be searching for a baby wipe when there's been a nappy explosion! So make sure your wipes and nappies are where you can reach them using one hand - the other hand should always be busy holding baby as it's incredible how quickly they learn to roll! - so practice before baby arrives and make sure that the essentials are easily reached. 


No change table? No problem. Some nurseries don't have the space for a changing table so consider another convenient space in your home. If you spend the majority of your time with your baby in your lounge for example, then section off a small area where you can put the essentials. A stylish, soft ottoman with storage for example can have a foldable travel size changing mat, wipes, and nappies all neatly stored away and ready for you at a moment's notice. No point running up the stairs every time baby needs a change! 

About the author: Mum-of-three Jeanie Bird is creator of The Gilded Bird a company with a vision to make essential items in the nursery better – in both look and quality. Find out more here.  

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