How to get your toddler to eat more veg!

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It’s Veganuary, a yearly event designed to encourage people to go vegan for a month to protect the planet and promote a healthier lifestyle.

We know that a plant-based diet can help tackle climate change, while reducing pollution, and if you’re up for the challenge – fantastic!

But if you want the whole family to participate – including fussy eaters – and feel you can’t commit to full veganism for the whole of January, don’t worry.

Lowering your meat or dairy intake by just a few meals a week can have a massive impact on the planet. And we have some fun tips to encourage toddlers to eat more greens – without the tears and tantrums!

Toddler eating veg

Easy swaps 

Replacing minced beef or lamb with a veggie substitute is a very simple way to cut down on meat and increase vegetable intake. You can buy lots of versatile veggie proteins to use as a meat replacement in all your toddler’s favourites such as spaghetti Bolognese or shepherd’s pie. Or use pulses such as lentils instead of beef or lamb for a super cheap but healthy meal. Get further recipe inspiration here.  

Be sneaky

To up their veg intake in general, stuff it into as many dishes as you can. Don’t be shy about being sneaky - if your toddler likes mash potatoes, mashing spuds with other vegetables such as carrots or broccoli will get these into their diet by stealth. Spiralise some courgette to add to spaghetti, and if your child drinks juice, add some juiced carrots in their drink as another way to get some extra goodness into their system.

My cake contains carrots?

courgette cakes

Make puddings or desserts with veggies inside. Carrot cake is a popular example of cake containing the good stuff, but have you tried putting beetroot, avocado and even spinach into chocolate cake, or sweet potato into brownies? Vegetables actually enhance the flavour of many of our favourite sweet treats and can provide extra fibre. Plus, the natural sweetness of the vegetables allows you to cut down on sugar elsewhere for an all-round healthier dish. A quick internet search should reveal some easy recipes that you can make with your kids. 

Make it fun and interactive!

messy face toddler

Chop veg into interesting shapes and display them in brightly coloured bowls or plates to spark your toddler’s interest. Make a pizza and allow your little one to top it with their favourite vegetable, perhaps making a pattern or a smiley face. Make colourful and healthy homemade dips and allow kids to dunk veggies of their choice for an extra hit of vitamins. And don’t forget to use your plastic-free Pura wipes to mop up the thrills and spills of a culinary session!



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