How to have a greener Easter with your little chicks

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easter chicks

Spring has well and truly sprung and many of us are looking forward to a visit from the Easter bunny this weekend.  

When it comes to celebrating with your little chicks, you can have an egg-cellent time without creating extra waste. Keep things green with these easy eco Easter tips.

Putting your eggs in one basket

Instead of buying a cheap plastic basket every year, get creative and use whatever containers you already have laying around the house. Book bags, canvas shoppers or wicker baskets can also be decorated, with the kids, to give them an Easter makeover. If you’re an arty type, there are lots of ideas and instructions online for creating your own basket using sustainable materials.   

On the hunt

Easter egg hunt

For many kids, the egg hunt is the best part of Easter! Instead of using plastic eggs to hide goodies, you can make or buy your own papier mâché eggs to paint or decoupage with recycled paper and use time and time again. But if you have plastic eggs laying around from previous Easters, don’t send them to landfill. Re-use them or repurpose them as part of your Easter-themed decorations.

Happy bunnies

easter bunny

If you’re decorating boiled eggs with your little bunnies, have fun creating natural dyes to replace petroleum-based ones. Store cupboard ingredients such as beetroot juice and turmeric can be used to make homemade dyes in vibrant red and yellow – which is great news for your piggy bank too! Check out more ideas online. 

A word of warning, although these dyes are natural, they can be potent so make sure you have your 100% plastic-free Pura wipes at hand to clean up any mess.

A good egg

If you’re buying chocolate Easter Eggs, choose Fair Trade. Doing so means you’ll give back to the communities that farm cocoa. What’s the difference? When you buy fair trade, you are making sure farmers get sustainable wages and safe working conditions where forced child labour is strictly prohibited.

Fair trade products are also made with little or no pesticides and fertilisers, along with proper management of energy, water and waste to help protect the planet.  

So, get cracking with the celebrations! We hope you have a wonderful Easter.




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