How To Solve Change-Time Challenges

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Did you realise that you’ll get through roughly 4,500 nappies before your baby is potty trained? 

During the nappy years, you’ll probably face an array of changing-time challenges, from newborn poop explosions to wriggly runaways. But fear not. Because we’re all about making life simpler, we’ve come up with four handy hacks to help make baby changing a doddle.

The poonami 

Up the back, really? In the beginning, when baby’s daily deposits are less than solid, they can erupt right out of the nappy and spill over onto baby’s back and legs (usually when you’re just about the leave the house).

If this happens, remember that most baby clothes can be taken off downwards, without going over your baby’s head. Even vests, which appear to require more manoeuvre, have envelope necks, designed so that you can take them down the body too. Always pack extra clothes (and then some more) should poonamis strike when you’re out. Eco-friendly disposable change mats are also great for protecting your own mat.

The fountain

Little boys have a tendency to pee as soon as they’re laid bare, apparently a reflex sparked by the cold air. Our tip is, unless it’s dirty, leave the old nappy underneath for a moment to allow him time to pee before you replace it with a new one, saving wastage. A word on this though. If you’re not careful and your baby’s penis is pointing up, you risk being squirted in the face and hair. To prevent such mishaps, ensure your boy’s privates are covered with a cloth, or wipe, while he wees!

The wrestler

Changing nappies starts to become second nature, and then your little tot masters the art of rolling over, or even crawling. Suddenly, the changing experience can resemble a wrestling match, as baby kicks, wriggles and writhes to avoid the new nappy. Rather than trying to hold your little bundle down, the key here is speed and distraction. For safety, pop the change mat on the floor. Sing a funny song, pull faces and have a special toy that only comes out at change time. Call in help from your partner or from baby’s sibling. Once you have your baby’s attention, act quickly. With any luck, you can get that fresh nappy on before he’s on the move again.

The incredible bulk

We all know babies are cute, but they’re also costly. Just one baby can set parents back more than £400 per year in nappies alone, so this is where bulk buying comes in. You can bag big discounts by buying cases of nappies and signing up to a subscription scheme, which also means you can get nappies delivered door to door and never run out, even if you can’t make it to the shops.

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