How we’re helping Ukrainian families – and how you can provide support

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people holding hands - Ukrainian flag on arms

The Ukrainian invasion has left many of us wondering how we can provide support to those whose lives are affected by the conflict.

When a Pura employee spotted that his children’s school were asking for nappy donations for Ukrainian refugees, we were delighted to step in and help.

Pupils at Tarporley High School in Cheshire were asking parents for much needed items for the Wrexham branch of the Polish Integration Support Centre.

The collection was organised with the help of Tarporley High’s Head of English, Mica Hrywna, whose family is originally from Ukraine, as well as Geography teacher Mike Hutchinson.

Pura donated £1,000 worth of nappies – of varying sizes – which will be shipped to Poland, via the PISC, to help the Ukrainian refugees who have fled there.

Pallet of nappies

Pura CEO and found Guy Fennell said: “We were looking for the best way to donate nappies to the Ukraine so when we learned that a local school was doing a collection, we were really pleased to be able to help. Our thoughts are with all families who are suffering during this time of crisis.”

Headteacher Jason Lowe added: “Our pupils are always keen to help when they hear about the suffering of others, so organising this collection was very important to them.

“The school has been truly overwhelmed by the response from parents and the local community. The donations flooded in, and we’ve managed to gather many of the vital supplies requested by the PISC, including the nappies provided by Pura.”

teachers and nappies

L-R Tarporley teachers Mike Hutchinson, Jason Lowe and Mica Hrywna.

How can I help?  

The Polish Integration Support Centre is asking for: survival blankets, toys, nappies, sanitary towels, first aid kits, sleeping bags, metal cups, thermal clothing, hair brushes, toothbrushes, shampoos, children’s clothes and bandages. Find your local branch details here.

The British Red Cross is also financial donations – you can contribute here.

How can I reassure my kids about the crisis?

Children pick up on much more than we realise, even the little ones. When it comes to the situation in Ukraine, follow you little one's lead. Younger kids will probably ask questions outright. While older kids might not share their anxieties right away. Most schools are keeping kids informed in an age-appropriate way. You can open a conversation by telling your older child that you are there for them if they have any questions about the conflict.

Talking to kids

Choose you language carefully, so as not to frighten your kids - what you tell a five-year-old will be very different to what you say to your 13-year-old. Be honest and say that this is a serious event but that many countries around the world are working together to find a solution.

On that note, kids love helping others. Why not research ways you can provide help for those in need together so your children feel they are doing something positive. As well as the above ways to donate, this article gives lots of practical advice. 




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