I’m pregnant - when do I need to start buying nappies and wipes?

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One of the things we’re frequently asked by parents-to-be is when to start buying nappies and wipes. This blog is designed to answer all your questions.  

When should I start buying?  

There’s no hard and fast rule here. It will depend on the space you have at home and whether you’re someone who loves to plan and buy in advance or perhaps wants to pack their hospital bag early.  

Some parents-to-be start buying as early as 20 weeks while others wait for their baby shower and ask for wipes and nappies as presents or a gift card to purchase them. The NHS recommends you pack your hospital bag no later than three weeks before your due date, so you’ll definitely want to have a supply or wipes and nappies ready by then.

How many should I buy? 

In the early days, babies can get through 10 – 12 nappies a day - though this will decrease as they get older. In the first week, you’ll have your hands full and probably won’t want to be running around buying change time essentials, so you might want to consider buying a case of nappies and wipes rather then single packs.  

 These days, many wipes, like Pura’s, are safe to use on newborn babies. Just ensure that the brand you choose is accredited by trusted bodies such as by Allergy UK and The British Skin Foundation and certified safe to use on newborn, sensitive and eczema-prone skin  

As a lot of parents use their baby wipes for more than just a nappy change (they’re great on hands and faces too) the total number of baby wipes you use in a day, month, or year can vary greatly!  

Some parents say they use as much as half a pack per day in the first few weeks, when they’re new to nappy changes. Others use them more sparingly. Pura wipes have a shelf life of more than 12 months so won’t go bad if you do decide to arm yourself with a few cases!  

What size nappies should I buy? 

The average weight for a baby born in the UK is around 7lb 8oz for boys and for girls 7lb 4oz.  

Pura’s newborn nappies come in two sizes. Newborn size 1 will fit 4-11 lbs and Newborn size 2 fits 6 – 13 lbs so will be perfect for the majority of new babies. Like adults, babies come in different shapes so you may find you need to go up a size despite the weight.  

The good news is, Pura offers free next-day delivery so you can get nappies delivered snappy if you realise you might need to change sizes quickly.  

 What else should I consider?  

 Disposable wipes and nappies are the most convenient way to keep babies clean. But you probably know that some aren’t so great for the planet. Look for wipes that are plastic-free and never flush wipes unless they are certified fine-to-flush by Water UK. 

 No disposable nappy is without impact. But you can choose a brand, like Pura, that offers more environmentally-friendly nappies, without compromising on nappy performance, bottom comfort or value for money.  

 Through our partnership with NappiCycle we’re also fighting for free nappy recycling to be extended outside of Wales into the entire UK. Read more about our mission here.   


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