It’s baby’s first Christmas – here’s how to make it magical

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Although your baby won’t remember it, you will have lots of fun making magical memories on your baby’s first Christmas.

This year, it’s less about the presents (they’ll probably be more interested in the colourful wrapping paper) and much more about cherishing your first Christmas together.

If you’re stuck for inspiration on how to mark the occasion, try out our tips for creating a fuss free, eco-friendly and ever so festive celebration.

Are you hanging up a stocking?

making Xmas stockings

Children love the thrill of hanging a Christmas stocking. Though your little angel won’t be able to participate this year, the first Christmas stocking can be used for years to come.

If you’re feeling crafty, it’s easy to make or decorate your own - even if you’re not that handy with a needle and thread! You can pick up plain red felt stockings for under £2 to decorate or personalise yourself. Or make your own from scratch using recycled fabric. And you needn’t fill the stocking with expensive toys. Colourful scarves, rainbow ribbons tied together and even cut offs from your wrapping paper roll make for great sensory play sessions with your little one.

Oh Christmas tree

salt dough xmas decorations

Who doesn’t love a Christmas tree – especially if it’s sustainably sourced? They bring such festive cheer to dark and cold December nights. Make yours extra special this year by creating a baby’s first Christmas tree decoration. You can buy baubles to personalise and decorate, but why not to have a go at making your own decoration from salt dough? Requiring not much more that salt and flour, you can fashion salt dough into all kinds of festive shapes or use it to create an imprint of your baby’s tiny hand or foot. When decorating the tree in years to come, they’ll marvel at just how tiny they once were!

Santa Claus is coming to town

baby in Santa suit

You’ve probably had a peek at the vast range of adorable Christmas outfits available for babies this festive season. From sweet seasonal sleepsuits to full on Santa outfits, you won’t be spoiled for choice if you want your little one dressed to impress this holiday season. Sadly, many Christmas clothes end up in landfill, so how about asking friends and family with older children if they can pass outfits on? And don’t forget to do the same next year, when your little Christmas angel has outgrown her first seasonal wardrobe.

Joy to the world

baby xmas photo

We probably don’t have to remind you to make videos and take plenty of baby pics for your family album or photobook, but you can also use your seasonal snaps to create greener Christmas greetings. Instead of sending cards, design an email or message containing festive photos of your baby, accompanied by a personal message to your family and friends. It will cut waste and is sure to bring a smile to recipients!

A happy new year

xmas gifts under tree

When it’s time to pack away the Christmas decorations, don’t forget to save any cards, ribbons or bows you receive this year, whether it be for recycling or reuse. Ribbons and bows can be used again for wrapping presents and you can cut up old cards to repurpose as gift tags for yourself, family and friends for next Christmas.



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