Take a look at what’s inside Pura’s eco-awesome nappy pants

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Baby surrounded by nappy pant packs

Designed to ensure that nappy changes aren’t a struggle, Pura’s pull-up nappy pants provide an easy-on nappy solution while still striking the best possible balance between a happy baby and a happy planet!

Perfect for stand-up nappy changes, Pura’s nappy pants have stretchy, tear-off sides and can be stepped into and pulled up and down - just like big kid undies.

They offer the same 12-hour leakage protection as our regular nappies but save time and hassle for parents of active babies. And for tots ready to potty train, Pura nappy pants are easier to use for little hands.

But what’s actually inside our nappy pants? Let’s take a look…

Diagram of nappy pants features

  • Breathable Inner Layer

Immediately draws wetness away from the skin to the super absorbent plant-based core with plant-based materials.

  • Plant-Based Waterproof Layer

Replacing plastics with more sustainable materials, this layer contains micropores to let skin breath, helping prevent nappy rash and skin irritations.

  • Super Absorbent Core

Made with super absorbent polymer and FSC Certified®, 100% chlorine-free wood pulp. Locks moisture away from baby’s skin and prevent leaks.

  • Organic Cotton EnhancedTMLayer

Ultra-soft and sensory for ultimate comfort, with day and night breathability.

  • Comfy Leg Cuffs

Snug but comfy fit around baby’s legs ensure there are no leaks. Contains plant-based materials and less oil-based plastic.

  • Stretchy Waist

Soft and comfy, secures the pants in place, protecting from blowouts and leaks.

  • No Nasties

Totally Chlorine Free (TCF). Made without parabens, phthalates, fragrances, Optical brighteners, Latex, Lotions.

So now you can see why our nappy pants are good for little adventurers and no so pants for the planet either! If you still wondering whether nappy pants would be the best option for your little one, why not read our blog When do I change to nappy pants! 

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