Plastic wipes have a bigger carbon footprint than Pura wipes – here’s why

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You’ve probably seen our new TV commercial featuring our determined spokesbabies.

In this eco-awesome ad, our playful activists explain that plastic wipes contain yucky fossil fuels, and “demand” that parents switch to Pura wipes to help keep their (carbon) footprints teeny weeny!

What’s a carbon footprint?

Well, almost everything will generate greenhouse gas emissions at some point during its lifecycle. A carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas emissions created across a lifespan, from creation to end of life.

The science bit

Footprints in the sand

When it comes to global warming some greenhouses gases are worse for the planet than others.

Methane (CH4), for example, creates a warming effect that is 28-34 times greater than Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

To compare the carbon footprints of different things, all greenhouse gas emissions are calculated in Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e) units.

So, in the case of methane: 1 Methane = 28-34 CO2e

Why does it matter?baby and Pura wipes

A carbon footprint is a measure of global warming potential – a larger one is worse for the planet.

Understanding “carbon footprints” means we can look at ways of reducing them and therefore help lessen global warming.

Why do plastic wipes have a bigger carbon footprint?

Most (90%) of wet wipes in the UK still contain plastic (usually polyester fibres).

This plastic is a carbon intensive material and produces a lot of greenhouse gases when it is made from oil. Then when it is thrown away, it produces more emissions because it takes so long to degrade.

Pura wipes are made from plant-based viscose fibres. They start life as trees in FSC® certified sustainable forests and when they are thrown away, they biodegrade quickly – reducing the greenhouse gases produced.

What about Pura’s carbon footprint?

Carbon Neutral Logo Pura

Pura is a ‘Carbon Neutral’ business. This means we have calculated the carbon footprint for our core business operations (not including our suppliers), then we have defined a greenhouse gas reduction plan and we contribute financially to UN certified projects that offset the greenhouse emissions we create.

Our goal is to get to Net Zero as quickly as we can!

To get there, we’ll need to calculate the carbon footprint of our suppliers, then make a further plan to reduce these greenhouse gas emissions and offset the remaining unavoidable emissions. We’re well on the way - watch this space.

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