Pura has launched size 8 nappy pants!

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Cute toddler holding Pura nappy pants size 8

Toddlers come in all shapes and sizes and now so do our nappy pants!  

Great news… we’ve launched our award-winning pants in size 8, for babies and toddlers weighing 41 lbs (19 kgs) and over.  

Perfect for potty training, our nappy pants are a great way for your little wriggler to make the change from nappies to big kid pants and the larger size means we can support even more tots on this journey.  

Why size 8? 

Like adults, babies don’t come in one size or shape! If your child is very tall, they may need a larger nappy pant size. 

Potty training is also a very different experience for every child. While some tots are fully potty trained by three, others take longer. Most infants are able to wear real underwear in the day by 4 years old but it’s normal for night time potty training to take longer, up to 5 years old and in some cases a bit longer.  

Our size 8 nappy pants are great for night time dryness and can be pulled up and down, so your child will still feel confident they’re progressing to big kid undies.  

Parent pulling Pura Nappy Pants size 8 onto a toddler

What’s so great about Pura pants? 

> Pura’s super absorbent nappy pants are enhanced with cloud soft organic cotton, so they are super comfy.  
> Dermatologically tested and Allergy Certified, they are totally chlorine free (TCF) and made without fragrance, lotion, parabens, natural rubber latex and phthalates. 
> Easy to pull up and down with a 360 stretchy waist band and tear-off sides, they’re leak-free for up to 12 hours and provide a snug fit for overnight protection that really works! 
> Gentler on the planet too, wherever possible, Pura pants are made with less plastic, and more plants like organic cotton and the FSC®certified, totally chlorine-free wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. 
> The nappy pants are manufactured in a carbon neutral factory and Pura has recently switched from plastic film packaging to responsibly-sourced paper packaging, which is easier to recycle!  


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