Pura’s founders are expecting an exciting new arrival…

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We have some wonderful news… Our founders Abi and Guy Fennell are expecting baby number 2!  

Their first child Ezra was born just before Pura launched in 2020 and his adorable smile has featured across many of our campaigns.  

We catch up with Abi to find out more about her new pregnancy.  

How does it feel to be pregnant for the second time?  

It’s every bit as exciting as the first time, but there is way less time to concentrate on the pregnancy or the impending birth due to “toddler” commitments! The weeks are also flying by far quicker the second time around.   

How did you tell Ezra about the pregnancy? 

We discussed the best way to do it and decided to use a children’s book to help us explain. He identified with the story, and we found it was a really good way to help him understand that he would soon be a big brother.  We are trying to keep him involved in the preparations as much as possible. 

Is he excited about the prospect of a sibling? 

Super excited! He really wants to have a playmate in the house, however I do think he thinks the baby will be born ready to play from day one!  

Will you do anything different the second time around?  

I think I will generally take a more relaxed approach. Having done it once before, it is far less daunting than last time. The main difference is just that we’re now trying to include a toddler in the proceedings!  

Does having a second child make you even more determined to do the right thing by the planet?   

Definitely! We created Pura because we wanted to leave a better legacy for Ezra, and for all children, and this is still very much our motivation for Pura to succeed. I hope that both Ezra, and the new baby will one day be very proud of the work we’ve done to inspire and help more parents to switch to wipes, nappies and nappy pants that are better for the planet. Helping create a better world for everybody.  












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