Reasons to rent - how to make your baby’s wardrobe more sustainable!

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Did you know that 183 million pieces of outgrown baby clothes are stashed in UK homes?

It’s true, according to our friends over at Bundlee.That’s why the forward-thinking company hit upon the idea of creating a sustainable baby clothes rental service for modern parents wanting to do the best for their babies and their planet.

As you may have realised, babies grow so quickly! And it can be easy to lose sight of just how much cost and waste goes into replacing their whole wardrobe every few months.  

Renting provides an easy way for parents to ensure that you always have the right size clothes to hand, with no stockpiling the next size up or worrying about what to do with outgrown clothes. As well as being better for the planet, renting cuts down on clutter too! 

How it works

Bundlee clothes pack

Available in sizes 0-24 months, you can choose clothes from Bundlee’s own range - Bundlee Originals - which have been created with style, comfort and durability in mind. The clothes are made in the UK from soft Oeko-Tex cotton, so they're great for sensitive skins. 

Or pick from one of Bundlee's partner brands, MORI, Mini Rodini, The Bonnie Mob and Stella McCartney. Whenever your little one’s ready, you can conveniently swap outgrown clothes for the next size up! 

 Keep it clean

Tidy drawers with baby clothes in

The returned clothes are cleaned and go through Bundlee’s "green clean" eco-friendly Ozone sanitisation method, ready to be loved by the next family. The clothes also pass by quality control so they'll arrive feeling and smelling clean and fresh. Bundlee aims to share items of clothing with at least three families. 

 How much does it cost?

You can pick a subscription plan that fits your family from £24 per month. Your conscious clothes will be delivered for free, by your selected delivery date, and the service comes with free returns and no time limits on swaps. Check out the Bundlee website for more info.

Pura thinks Bundlee is a fab idea. So we’ve teamed up the company to give Pura customers and followers a 30-day free trial of the eco-friendly rental service! Simple use the code PURA30 when you at checkout at

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