Struggling with everyday parenting challenges? Help is at hand…

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Today, we’re proud to hand over the Pura blog to the NSPCC, as we support its new public awareness campaign. The NSPCC offers parents sound and helpful advice at every stage. We hope you take advantage of these free resources.

According to a new NSPCC survey, 75% of UK parents with children under five are anxious about their child’s emotional and mental wellbeing. And a majority of parents say that they think parenting is harder now than it was when they were growing up.

Families are struggling with the everyday challenges of bringing up a child. And parents are bombarded with (often contradictory) messages about what’s best for children. But the NSPCC are here to support parents with their easy-to-understand advice.

Whether you’re struggling with your baby’s bedtime routine or don’t know how to have an awkward conversation with your teenager, there’s advice for every stage.

​The NSPCC’s online parenting advice is a free resource for parents and carers, you can find loads of great tips, information, and support. You’ll also find videos where parents open up to NSPCC experts about what they’re facing and learn small ways they can help their families.

This new campaign is launching to remind parents and carers that the NSPCC understands their challenges. You’ll be able to see the ad across TV, social and cinema. The ad features actor T’Nia Miller reciting a poem called ‘Not letting go’ which follows the everyday realities of parenting. As the poem says, you don’t get instructions for new human beings. But whatever family life brings, the NSPCC is here to help. Simply visit ​for advice.


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