The Pura sponsored Ocean Sheroes are record breakers!

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Using only Pura wipes to keep them clean, the Ocean Sheroes have smashed the  world record for the fastest all female four to row 2,400 nautical miles, from San Francisco to Hawaii in 35 days, 14 hours and 32 minutes! 

Ocean rowing

One of the toughest endurance challenges on earth pushed Bella Collins, Purusha Gordon, Mary Sutherland, and Lily Lower to their limits, rowing 2 hours on 2 hours off, 24/7 in brutal conditions of 30ft waves and gusts of wind reaching 47mph.

Helping the brave Sheroes to protect their skin and the ocean during the race, Pura donated 4,000 of our 100% plastic-free, biodegradable, Water UK certified Fine to Flush baby wipes for the crew to ration throughout the race.

Pura’s flushable wipes disperse in moving water, so the used wipes were discarded overboard into the ocean, lightening the load as the race progressed without causing any plastic pollution.

Our wipes also feature gentle cleansing and skin soothing properties which helped keep the crew’s skin in ship shape.  

Ocean Sheroes

The fab four obliterated the previous world record of 50 days, 8 hours and 14 minutes by 14 days. They also become the first all British four to complete the Great Pacific Race. 

For P (Purusha), mum of two young boys Harry (8) and Alfie (7), this was more than just a record.

She said: “Achieving the record was something I had hung my hat on for a while as a definition of success. Halfway through the row, I realised the record was just a small part of it.

“To cross an ocean by human power alone and to cross waters never chartered before, at times at the mercy of Mother Nature, was a privilege and the most incredible adventure of a lifetime.

“Whilst the certificate will hang on the wall, it’s the experience, stories and learnings that will continue to shape me for the better. I hope, I can inspire other mums and women out there to be brave, say yes and believe they can too.”

Ocean Sheroes

When asked for the secret to the team's success, Mary Sutherland said “Resilience and goal focus is key, along with knowing your team's capabilities and how hard you can push them. Throw in a general ‘get it done’ attitude and you have a recipe for great things.

“My personal expectations of what our team could achieve was around the 40 mark and I’m so happy to have blown that out of the water, but we worked hard for our achievements.”

Why row the Great Pacific Race? 

turtle plastic

The Ocean Sheroes are on a mission to raise £60,000 for the Seabin Project to support its incredible work for cleaner oceans to preserve our planet.

The Seabin 6.0 is a revolution in ocean cleaning technology, helping to create cleaner oceans with healthier marine life.

The Seabin catches an estimated 1.5 tonnes of marine debris per year (depending on weather and debris volumes), including tiny micro plastics, microfibres, fuel and oil.

To help, the Pura team is busy completing their own 270 challenge...

Pura team cycling

In teams of four we are covering 270 miles, either on bike or foot, to raise money for the Sheroes. To donate and raise money to cut ocean plastic pollution click here. 

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