The top UK baby names in 2022 – and what they mean

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Choosing a name for your baby can be a fun but also daunting task! If you’re stuck for inspiration, we’ve picked a handful of the most popular baby names of 2022 so far, and reveal what these monikers mean.


Lily flower

Lily is an English name taken from the popular, beautiful flower. It has come to signify perfection, purity and innocence and remains a firm favourite with UK parents. 

Fun Fact: Lily is also the name of Harry Potter's mother in the book series by J.K Rowling.

Possible nickname: Lil, Lils



Sophia is a classic Greek name which means "wisdom." Popular with European royalty during the Middle Ages Sophia has proven to have timeless appeal.

Fun Fact: renowned actress, Sophia Loren, was originally named Sofia. 

Possible nickname: Soph, Phi-a


Olive tree

Olivia is a Latin name meaning olive tree and is the feminine form of the name Oliver. It has been used in England since the13th-century and had a popularity surge in the mid ‘90s - remain in the top 10 of UK baby names still. 

Fun Fact: Olivia is the name of the beautiful and much sought-after heiress in William Shakespeare's play, Twelfth Night.

Possible nickname: Liv, Livvy



Theo is of Greek origin meaning “God’s gift.” Theo also has roots in German where it means “bold people” or “brave people”. Theo can be used as a boy or girl’s name.

Fun Fact: Former American president Theodore Roosevelt is one of the most famous Theodores - but he was often referred to as Teddy or TR rather than Theo.

Possible nickname: Ted, Tee


UK Royal Family 

George is also of Greek origin, derived from Georgios It means “farmer” or “earthworker”. The name George has grown in popularity worldwide, from the British royal family to Mr Clooney.

Fun Fact:  It’s not just popular in the UK. George remains one of the most popular Greek male names.

Possible nickname: Geo, Georgie, Gee


Baby bump with Leo sign next to it

Leo comes from the Latin word for lion and dates back centuries. In German, it means "brave people" or "lion-hearted."

Fun fact: Leo is the name of the fifth sign in the astrological zodiac, and there is a constellation named Leo as well.

Possible nickname: There aren't a lot of common nicknames for the name Leo, perhaps because it is often used as a nickname itself for Leonardo.

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