We have big news… Pura is now carbon neutral!

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This means that we have calculated our carbon footprint and offset it, to play our part in the fight against global warming.

Why does it matter?

Global warming has been caused by humans.

Since the industrial revolution, our planet has warmed up by about 1°C due to the burning of fossil fuels, agriculture and industrial processes. We can already see the impact in glaciers melting, increased flooding, drought, forest and bush fires.

If things continue, these natural disasters will intensify – and the world will be a very different place for your babies to grow up in. But if we act now, things can change!

The Paris Agreement is an international treaty on climate change. Its goal is to limit global warming to well below 2 °C, preferably to 1.5 °C, compared to pre-industrial levels. Making the world climate neutral (more on this later) by 2051.

Governments, businesses, individuals – we all need to play our part to achieve this goal!

How do we cause greenhouse gas emissions?

To make our earth a warm, and comfy place to live, greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) and Methane (CH4) naturally occur in earth's atmosphere to trap the sun's heat.

But the fuels we use for driving, flying, heating, lighting, farming and manufacturing cause extra carbon emissions that interfere with our planet’s natural warming process.

What does carbon neutral mean?

Carbon neutrality means achieving a balance between the greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere, measured in Carbon Dioxide Equivalent and the amount of Carbon Dioxide removed from the atmosphere.  

To get to net zero emissions, all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions will have to be reduced and any remaining emissions counteracted by removing carbon from the atmosphere.

What about Pura?

carbon neutral

To become carbon neutral, we’ve totted up the carbon we create in business activities such as heating, electricity and business travel and had this verified by an independent third party. First, we looked at ways to reduce our emissions. Once that process was complete we looked to offset what couldn’t be avoided. 

To help us become Carbon Neutral we worked with Sphere, a carbon offsetting company. They helped us arrange to financially contribute to UN certified projects around the world, that remove carbon from the environment.

We’ve also developed a carbon reduction plan which includes things like motion sensors on lights and team training on energy efficiency.

Is Pura Net Zero?
No. But it’s our aim to be Net Zero by 2025! Our carbon neutral status only covers the emissions that Pura produces itself. It’s a big step closer towards net zero but, to get there, we’ll have to work with all our suppliers and partners to calculate, reduce and offset all emissions involved in getting your products to you - from manufacturing to delivery all the way to your baby’s bottom.

What can I do to help?

family walking

Simple ways to cut your families’ footprint could be eating less meat, (which has a higher carbon footprint than fruit and veg), walking rather than driving, using energy-efficient appliances and reduce heating in your home.

You can also offset some of your emissions by purchasing carbon credits, the money then goes into projects like planting trees or investing in renewable energy. A quick Google search will explain how.

Look out for more top tips on the blog – coming soon!



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