We’re teaming up with Mumsnet – find out how!

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We’re super excited to announce that we have a brand new partner – Mumsnet –the UK’s biggest network for parents.

The collaboration means that we can educate even more parents on the problems that traditional wipes and nappies are causing for our planet.

sWe will also increase awareness of how parents can make easy swaps to cleaner, greener alternatives.

Why Mumsnet?

Chances are, you’ve used Mumsnet already. The popular site gets around 7 million visitors per month, clocking up about 100 million page views! It was launched with the goal of making life easier for busy parents, and Mumsnet regularly campaigns on issues including support for families of children with special educational needs, and improvements in postnatal and miscarriage care. You can see why we’re the perfect fit!

How will it work?

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We’ll start the sustainable parenting conversation on Mumsnet’s forums through user product tests, discussions and surveys. We’re really looking forward to hearing, and responding to, parents’ top environmental concerns when it comes to baby products.

Mumsnet has already told us that many of their users want to be eco-friendly, they just don’t know how to fit caring for the planet into their hectic lifestyles.

So, through our new team up, we’ll be able to provide green tips and easy eco swaps covering everything from how to avoid plastic in baby wipes, to the latest on how to recycle nappies in the UK.

Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts told us: “Our users often tell us that they would like to use sustainable baby products, but good intentions can go out of the window in those shattering newborn days - and the least time-consuming option starts to look very attractive.

“We’re on a mission with Pura to meet parents where they are and make it easier to look after babies and the planet.”

The next steps

We’re launching the partnership with a product test by Mumsnet users, who will try out our happy nappies and plastic-free wipes. And it seems that excitement about Pura is already growing, with one tester posting, “Brilliant! I’ve been looking for a plastic-free (wipe) alternative for ages.”

 Stay tuned to the blog and our social media channels for more news on the partnership.


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