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We’re thrilled to announced that Pura’s 100% plastic-free wipes and nappies are now Mumsnet Rated!

This means that our products have been tested by real parents and given a big thumbs up.

Of the 96 Mumsnet users who tested Pura’s non-flushable, plastic-free wipes, 80% would recommend them. And of the 82 Mumsnet users who tested Pura nappies, an even more impressive 90% would recommend.

We will now be able to use the trusted Mumsnet Rated badge in relation to these products. #proud!

What Mumsnet users think of our nappies…

Many of the testers were super impressed with our sustainable nappies. Lots commented on them being leak-free and others were delighted that our fastening tabs were extra strong and hardy. Great for little wrigglers!

Here are some of the comments about our nappies:

“They were very good quality. They seemed snug and secure and after 3 nights I felt confident that I didn’t have to check for leaks.”

“Loved the softness of them. No leaks even 12 hours overnight! Didn't smell even when full of wee.”

“The fastening tabs seemed stronger than my usual brand which was a godsend with my daughter (19 months) whose sole mission is to take off her nappy 10 seconds after I’ve put it on.”

“They were a really good fit, they had the best sizing I've come across and the sticky tabs were super strong, I didn't have to worry about them coming unstuck.”

“The website was easy to navigate and the products arrived swiftly.”

Mumsnet testers also loved the fact that our nappies are sustainable and don’t contain any nasties:

“These have made a massive difference to my daughter and her skin conditions.She hasn't reacted once. I find the band from other brand nappies is the worst for causing a rash on her stomach. That hasn't happened once since she started wearing these nappies.”

“They were soft, fit well, absorbent and looked nice. That on top of them being far less harmful to the environment than our usual nappies.”

What Mumsnet users think of our wipes…

So many of the testers were also bowled over by our 100% plastic-free biodegradable baby wipes.

One Mumsnet user wrote: 

“I am just loving these wipes. They are so soft and gentle on my baby's skin. The quality of the material is very good too. As the size of the wipes are so generous and as they have just the right amount of wetness to them we actually need to use less than the amount of wipes we previously used to use. The fact that they don't have any obvious smell is a plus for me. It just feels like using plain and gentle water while using these wipes.” 

Many Mumsnet users commented on how well Pura wipes clean up too:

“I liked how well they cleaned, they had a good thickness to them and were moist enough to get the job done.”

The wipes were great quality, big, wet and good at cleaning. The lack of plastic is also fantastic.”

The fact that Pura wipes are plastic-free and biodegradable was seen as a massive plus by the Mumsnet testers.

“Plastic free, a bit better for the environment and they are lovely, soft wipes overall.”

“I use cloth reusable wipes normally, but these are great for on-the-go.”

As well as being gentle on the planet, Mumsnet testers found Pura wipes to be equally gentle on their babies’ delicate skins:

I liked that they felt soft and gentle and are biodegradable. I also really liked that they did not irritate my baby's sensitive skin.”

I like that they are gentle and environmentally friendly, not full of chemicals. This is important for me as my DS has eczema. Also, when I used them on my face, they made my skin very soft.”

We’re over the moon with these wonderful comments! And with our new Mumsnet Rated status!




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