We've launched flushable toilet tissue wipes!

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That’s right, Pura wipes are no longer just for babies’ bottoms. We’ve created plastic-free Flushable Toilet Tissue Wipes that disperse just like loo roll but are much kinder on your bottom.

 Perfect for older kids and grown-ups, our moist wipes are guaranteed “Fine To Flush” by Water UK, so they’re 100% sewer safe.

Why use a toilet wipe?

Containing mild cleansers and skin soothing ingredients, there’s no doubt that toilet wipes leave you feeling fresher than using loo roll alone. What’s more, some experts believe that moist toilet tissue wipes are more hygienic.

There’s no delicate way to say this, but according to a report in the Independent, many doctors believe that toilet paper doesn’t clean up every trace of a number 2 and can leave bacteria behind on, well, your behind! The report also suggests that excessive wiping with toilet paper (which can feel a little dry) can cause health problems such as anal fissures (ouch). On the other hand, using a bidet (as is the norm in many countries around the globe) or a wet wipe after you pay a visit can kill off bacteria and provide a more comfortable experience!

Best for bottoms

Not all toilet tissue wipes are made equal. Pura wipes are enriched with aloe vera to protect delicate skin. They are suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin, dermatologically approved and contain no perfume, alcohol or chlorine. They also have the seal of approval from Allergy UK and the British Skin Foundation.

A bummer for fatbergs

fine to flush

Most “flushable” wipes aren’t really flushable at all. They contain plastic, so can take up to 100 years to biodegrade, causing fatbergs in our sewers.

Pura’s 100% plastic-free, biodegradable toilet tissue wipes are accredited by Water UK as Fine to Flush so they’re guaranteed to break down like loo roll when flushed. It’s the only standard you can trust.

How do I use them?

wipe in toilet

To keep bottoms clean, healthy and green, wipe from front to back and simply pop used wipes down the loo and give a large flush! Don’t flush more than 1-2 wipes at once – you shouldn’t need more than that anyway.

Can I get a subscriber discount?

Yes! As a subscriber you can enjoy 20% off all purchases and free next-day delivery, seven days a week, plus the ability to amend or cancel your subscription anytime for free.

If you’re already a Pura wipe or nappy subscriber, you can easily add toilet wipes to your Pura subscription here and enjoy 20% off toilet tissue wipes too!  

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