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Disposable nappies provide a super convenient, affordable and effective way to keep your baby’s bottom clean.

But every day, 8 million disposable nappies are thrown into landfill in the UK. Each one takes hundreds of years to degrade – long outliving the babies they were used on.

In response, there’s a lot of sustainable innovation happening in the baby care sector right now, to try to minimise the impact of caring for babies.

Eco-friendly or eco nappies are those that have been developed to try to minimise the impact on the planet by using more sustainable materials and/or manufacturing processes.

At Pura, we’ve doing both. That’s why we are proud to have received the EU Ecolabel – an accreditation that certifies products with a guaranteed, independently-verified low environmental impact.

 The EU Ecolabel – tell me more


The label is an internationally recognised standard designed to help people chose products that are more environmentally friendly.

It verifies that our nappies and nappy pants have a reduced environmental impact during their entire life cycle and provides consumers with accurate, non-deceptive, science-based information on the environmental impact of our products. 

Specifically, it guarantees: 

  • Low environmental impact, particularly on climate change
  • Restrictions on chemicals and other nasties
  • Healthy and safe products
  • Ethical and responsible production
  • Reduced animal testing, or in our case – no animal testing
  • Good quality, high performance

It’s not just about the end product.

The EU Ecolabel looks and each aspect of our nappies, every step of the way to your baby’s bottom, including:

  • The raw materials used in our nappies
  • The manufacturing and packaging
  • The distribution
  • Usage
  • Disposal


    What does this mean for Pura nappies and nappy pants?

    nappy pants

    Let’s start at the beginning. When it comes to what goes into our nappies, wherever possible, we’ve replaced plastics and non-renewable materials with more sustainable ones such as cotton in the back sheet. Or in our super absorbent core, which contains totally chlorine-free, FSC® certified wood pulp from sustainably managed forests.

    Our nappies are manufactured in a carbon neutral plant, which means we have calculated how much carbon our manufacturing process creates, reduced it where possible, for example by powering the plant with renewable electricity and ensuring no production waste goes to landfill; then we have offset any unavoidable carbon emissions. And our packaging is 100% recyclable.

    When you order from mypura.com our products are delivered to your door using providers who are also on a mission to cut emissions. 

    Nappy recycling

    nappy recycling van

    Unlike our 100% plastic-free wipes, Pura nappies are not plastic-free or biodegradable. This is because the technology for the perfect environmentally friendly nappy doesn’t exist yet.

    That is why we’re going a step further to try to address the dirty problem caused by nappy disposal.

    We’re the only baby company partnering with nappy waste innovators NappiCycle. NappiCycle recycles the equivalent of 40 million nappies annually in Wales. Pura with NappiCycle are now trialling nappy recycling in Bristol, with the vision to make this service available to parents across the UK.

    We know the world can’t wait. Nappy recycling can prevent millions of tonnes of valuable resources from ending up in landfill, or being incinerated, now.

    In fact, we’ve calculated that if the 3bn nappies used each year in the UK were 100% recycled, it would be the same as removing 72,000 cars from our roads annually.

    We’d love to see nappy recycling offered as a free service for parents across the UK. 


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