"Pura made me a greener parent without me having to do anything!"

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Pura Ambassador Heather

Our fab ambassador Heather has two children James (3) and Finley (15 months). She tells us about her journey with Pura.  

 Why did you make the switch to Pura?

I first heard about Pura through social media. What really caught my attention was the fact that Pura is environmentally friendly. Previously, I wasn't aware that the nappies and wipes I used weren't environmentally friendly. I was most definitely attracted to Pura due to its strong ethical values. I actively try to ensure my lifestyle is as green as possible, and we go through many nappies and wipes. So, making the change to an eco-friendly alternative was an absolute must. 

Do you have a favourite Pura product?

Pura baby nappy

I'd find it difficult to decide between the nappies and wipes, but if I was pushed into a corner it would have to be the nappies!

Pushing the environmental concerns aside, the nappies are a much better fit than the supermarket brand we were previously using. I found it really frustrating that one brand would work well in Size 1 at first but then leak a lot before the children were ready to move to Size 2. 

Pura seems to be a better “grow-with-me” brand that genuinely caters for the full weight range advertised. My friend had her first child 6 months ago and was having the same leakage issue I mentioned above. I gave her a few of my Pura nappies to try out and she subscribed within days!

She couldn't believe the difference! Her usual nappies were causing multiple leaks per night, waking her baby up. After she swapped to the same size Pura nappy, her baby stayed comfy and dry - and slept through the night! 

I've recommended Pura nappies to any parent who's mentioned the issue of nappies leaking, or not fitting correctly, and the feedback has been consistent - Pura seems to have mastered the sizing/leaking issue. 

Did you realise that baby wipes contained plastic before Pura?

Before Pura, I absolutely didn't realise that baby care could be bad for the environment. I was horrified to discover that there had actually been a huge fatberg only a mile away from where I live. The findings were conclusive -  the main components of the fatberg were cooking oils and baby wipes.

I have no doubts that I'd previously contributed to this fatberg without realising. 

Does Pura help you to be a greener parent?

Absolutely! It's made green parenting 10 times easier due to the subscription service. I don't even have to think about nappies or wipes anymore. I only ever need to manage my subscription to change the delivery date if I run out of nappies or wipes earlier than expected. Pura has made me a greener parent without me having to actively do anything.

Can you share any easy eco tips with our readers?

Family photo

The easiest eco tip I'd recommend is to buy a Thermo flask. They keep hot drinks hotter for longer, and cold drinks colder for longer. A lot of coffee shops offer discount a if you use your own flask instead of one of their cups. It's a win-win for me!

What do you enjoy about being a Pura ambassador?

I absolutely love being a Pura brand ambassador. There's nothing better than feeling like you're doing the right thing for the planet - and helping others to follow suit. I'm proud to have my, and my children's names, associated with such a brilliant brand whose values align closely with my own.

Anything else?

Book cover

My children love the story of Lily And The Wipe Monster, and I'm lucky (or not?) enough to be able to take them to the previous home of a real  wipe monster - which really brings the story to life!  





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