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B Corp

What do Ella’s Kitchen, JoJo Maman Bebe and Pura all have in common?

As well as being awesome baby brands, we’re all in the B Corp community - meaning we’ve pledged to put purpose before profit.

As a young company, Pura is still a “pending” B-Corp while the others have the full status, but we’re on track to join them this summer.  

Since March is B-Corp month and the theme is Better Business, we’ve asked Pura’s new sustainability director Matt Moreland to answer some questions on our B Corp journey so far.

What’s a B Corp? 

A “B Corp” or Benefit Corporation is an organisation that strives for the betterment of the world around them, not just their shareholders and profits. B Corps operate in a way that balances financial performance with purpose. In order to become a B Corp, an organisation needs to have its social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability measured and verified by an independent body.

Why is Pura a currently a “pending” B-Corp?

Pending B Corp

Like many other purpose-driven start-ups, Pura did not have the evidence to be verified as a B Corp when we started our journey in 2020, but we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to the betterment of the world around us to our customers, employees, and investors.

Pending B Corp status allows aspiring B Corps to be assessed and verified based on best-estimate responses and sets a 12month timeframe to build the evidence base required to achieve B Corp status.

Why is joining the B Corp community important to Pura?
At Pura we have a strong sense of purpose and we are determined to make a difference. We want to be a B Corp for two reasons; firstly, it provides assurance to our customers, employees and investors that we don’t just sell eco-awesome products but that we are tackling broader sustainability issues in a pragmatic, impactful manner.

Secondly, becoming a B Corp is not a one-time event, it is a continuous process of improvement. As a company in its relative infancy, becoming a B Corp helps to measure our impact and the ongoing nature of the process will help us to continue to grow in a sustainable manner, increasing our impact as we evolve.

 What does Pura need to do to achieve full certification? 

We are building the required evidence to demonstrate all the great things that we are already doing and creating a roadmap that will ensure we achieve B Corp status and continue to grow as a B Corp. Some initiatives we are working on include reducing and mitigating our carbon footprint, empowering our employees, and continuing to work with our fantastic partners.

What’s the timeline?
We are targeting becoming a B Corp in 2021. Since July 2020, when we achieved Pending B Corp status, we have been working away behind the scenes to ensure that Pura is operating above the high standards expected of a B Corp. We are at the start of an exciting journey towards becoming the best organisation we can be!  

Watch this space!

Meet Matt

Matt Moreland

Matt is an engineer, strategist and innovator who is passionate about using technology to have a positive impact on people and planet. As Pura’s sustainability director, Matt monitors Pura’s social and environmental impact and is continually seeking to make us even more eco-awesome!








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