Why Pura’s spokesbabies appeared at Westminster Abbey…

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 Pura at Westminster Abbey

Pura is as proud as punch to be featured in the History of Parliament Trust 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation commemorative edition.  

We attended the book launch at the wonderful Westminster Abbey last night and, together with our spokesbabies, shared our story and eco-message with fellow guests.  

Blazing a trail!

300 years on innovation

300 Years of Leadership and Innovation celebrates the best of British leadership, featuring articles on people who have shaped British society, past and present; from Walpole to Cromwell, Churchill to Blair, The Queen and Prince Charles to captains of industry and innovators like Pura! 

The publication was produced by the History of Parliament Trust in partnership with publisher St James’s House and was written by an editorial team of distinguished academics and award-winning authors #proud.

Pages on Pura

Book pages on Pura

With a focus on sustainability and innovation, 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation showcases organisations doing their bit to promote a sustainable future.

All those featured within the book are identified as thought-leaders within a particular field, disruptive and inspiring others on the journey. 

Pura was selected because our story was believed to central to the global debate on innovation and sustainability.

Chatting at the 300 years exhibition

The publication contains an interview with our founder, Guy Fennell who shares how he brought to life his vision of bringing easy eco to all parents with baby care that's good for baby, planet and piggy banks. 

It was launched to coincide with the 300th anniversary of the appointment of Britain’s first prime minister, Robert Walpole, in 1721, and in the year of Her Majesty The Queen’s 95th birthday.

What a great project for Pura to be involved with! 




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