Parents Guy and Abi Fennell explain why they launched their eco-friendly baby care brand

Guy and Abi, from Cheshire, parents to baby Ezra, were gobsmacked when they learned that 90% of wipes sold in the UK contained polluting plastic. So, they did something about it.

The couple has just launched their revolutionary, sustainable yet affordable, baby care range Pura, which includes plastic-free baby wipes. They share their story.

What led you to create Pura?

More and more of our friends were starting families, and baby wipes were everywhere! But on closer inspection, we found out that some contained hidden plastics. In fact, 90% of wipes currently sold in the UK contain plastic. This led us to look into other baby care disposables, such as nappies. When we learned that it takes up to 500 years for a disposable nappy to fully decompose, we knew we had to do something to make a change – right away.

Many parents don’t realise that some baby care products can harm the planet. How eco-aware were you before Pura?

Like most people, we were aware that single-use plastic was causing a problem for the planet. We tried to recycle, and we took our own “bags for life” to the supermarket but we were gobsmacked to learn about plastic pollution from baby wipes!

How easy is it to be green, when you’re working hard and caring for a young baby?

Caring for a baby is time consuming and difficult – especially when you’re sleep deprived - as well we know! That’s why Pura products were designed to provide parents with an easy, and affordable, way to be eco-friendly. We get through a staggering number of baby wipes per year in the UK alone. By switching to our plastic-free wipes, parents can make a massive difference to the future of our planet, just by caring for their kids.

There are already a few eco baby brands on the market. How is Pura different?

There are lots of baby brands that are either great quality, great for the planet, or a great price - but we are the only one that can guarantee all three.

What’s your biggest ambition for the brand?

We genuinely want to create change. Pura is hoping to bring about a ban on plastic in baby wipes in the UK. In addition, we’ll be launching our nappy range very soon and through our unique partnership with Wales-based NappiCycle, we want to bring a complete, kerbside nappy recycling service to the whole of the UK so that every disposable nappy can be put to good use, instead of polluting the planet. It’s also our bold ambition to become completely carbon neutral. Watch this space for more details – I don’t want to reveal too much. You’ll have to wait and see!


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